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Comprehensive Guide on How to Transcribe your Youtube Content into Text

How to Transcribe Youtube Content into Text

Reasons for Transcribing Youtube Videos

Some people may wonder why they should waste time and money on transcribing Youtube videos. Is it really so necessary? The practice shows that transcription of your video or audio to text can bring many benefits. Below are just several reasons for converting your videos into written text:

  • You will expand your audience. Adding subtitles to videos can attract viewers who did not have the possibility to watch your videos earlier. These people include viewers with hearing issues, people who watch your content in loud places, and people who speak other languages. By transcribing your video, you will increase engagement on your channel. More and more people will begin to watch and share your videos.
  • You will assist your SEO. As you transcribe YouTube video into text, it means that it will be easier for search engine crawlers to define your video content better. All because bots of Google scan exactly text. You will then appear in higher ranks in searches. This means you will again expand your audience. The more viewers mean, the more views. The more views, in their turn, mean the more advertisers who want to cooperate with you.
  • You will get global recognizability. This reason is similar to the first one where we mentioned transcribing Youtube videos for foreigners. You do not know from what countries your viewers are from. Therefore, it will be a strategically correct step to create subtitles in different languages. This will assist viewers of many countries in enjoying your content. In your turn, your channel will gain global awareness.

Now, let us move to simple methods of getting the transcripts of your YouTube videos.

Utilize Automatic Transcription Software

In order to save time, you can rely on automatic transcription tools. We live in the century of modern technologies, that’s why it will not be complicated to determine a suitable transcription company according to your needs. Moreover, some of them offer human-generated transcripts. Let us consider several options for you.


No doubt, Transcriberry is the best option for converting YouTube videos into text. The company utilizes a unique YouTube transcriber. This guarantees quick and efficient results. In order to receive transcripts of your YouTube videos, you should perform several simple steps:

  • Import your video;
  • Choose the language you desire your video to be transcribed;
  • Select type of transcription: automated or manual;
  • Receive the completed YouTube transcript and upload it in the desired format.

As you can see, the process of placing your order will not take much time. You can easily boost your views on your channel and attract a larger audience with the help of Transcriberry.


Temi can offer just an automated type of transcription. This means that if your video is complicated, you can receive a not high rate of accuracy as you would get from manual transcription. But this option is suitable if you do not have enough time because Temi can transcribe your video within several minutes. Moreover, there are no subscriptions and monthly fees proposed by Temi. This means that if you transcribe your Youtube videos not often, Temi is an ideal variant for you.


This tool is suitable for audio as well as video transcription. Likewise, it offers the services of professional human transcribers, captioners, and translators. To receive a transcription of your Youtube video, you should upload the needed video file or just copy-paste the web URL. Select if you desire to get automatic or manual transcription. That’s all, and you can receive your transcripts with a high accuracy rate.

If you have a standard video without complicated accents or background noises, Rev will perform its transcription job at a minimum of 12 hours. But if your order is urgent, Rev offers rush delivery. Rev can handle videos that involve several speakers with complicated accents and background noise, but you should hire human transcribers because automated transcription will not provide a high rate of accuracy.

Utilize YouTube Transcription Tools

You may be surprised, but Youtube offers transcription tools as well. This option is the best from the price perspective because it is free of charge. Before getting transcripts with the help of Youtube, you should turn on automatic captioning first. With the help of special speech recognition technology, Youtube will create its own subtitles. After that, you can receive transcripts.

Still, not all things are as perfect as they seem. Unfortunately, speech recognition software can not always guarantee accurate results. This means that it will be a necessity to edit automatically-created Youtube transcripts.

In order to look at and edit (if needed) subtitles for a transcript, perform the following steps:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account;
  • Select “Subtitles” (in the left-hand menu);
  • Choose the video to what you desire to add or edit the captions;
  • Delete unnecessary words, punctuation marks or add them if needed.

Sometimes, Youtube can not create captions automatically. The reasons can be various, from poor quality of videos to unclear enough videos. In order to receive transcripts from existing videos, you should just open the desired video on YouTube. Find “three dots” that are placed under the right-hand corner of your video. Select the “Open transcript” button.

Utilize Google Docs

It may surprise you, but you can likewise utilize Google Docs for transcribing Youtube videos. Everything is simple, and Google Docs possesses a built-in voice typing function. Unfortunately, it is accessible only on the Chrome browser now. Thus, if you utilize another browser, you can not utilize this feature.

In order to find this function in the Chrome browser, you should at first open this browser and open a new Google Doc. Then, press the “Tools” button. Press the “Voice typing” button and find the microphone icon.

If you desire to transcribe videos, you should open the second window with Youtube video and place it near the window with Google Docs. Press the microphone icon in the first window and turn on Youtube video in the second window. Google Doc will automatically type everything people speak in your Youtube video.

We can conclude that there are many methods on how to transcribe Youtube videos into text, and we mentioned only several of them. Remember that transcription of Youtube videos is beneficial for promotion for your channel. Select the most suitable way for you and get advantages from this process.

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