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8 Best Fake Uber Receipt Generators (2023)

Best Fake Uber Receipt Generators

Looking for ways to generate fake Uber receipt generators? Check out our list of the 8 best tools that make creating fake Uber receipts easy in 2023!

Uber, a popular ride-sharing app, revolutionized transportation by offering convenient, affordable rides at the tap of a button. Its widespread adoption was fueled by ease of use, competitive pricing, and reliable service. Uber accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and in-app payment systems, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users.

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Some people create fake Uber receipts, including both ride and Uber Eats charges. A fake receipt is like a pretend bill made for a company.

These phony Uber receipts can be useful if you want a copy of a receipt you never got from Uber. Often, these fake receipts are used to trick others.

Yet, there are valid reasons for using a fake Uber receipt generator. For instance, you might use it to create receipts for keeping track of your own expenses or for business purposes.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of great websites to create fake Uber receipts. Many people like and use these websites because they are easy to use and have a simple design.

8 Top Fake Uber Receipt Generator Tools


ExpressExpense Fake Uber Receipt

ExpressExpense’s Uber Receipt Generator lets you make Uber receipts that look just like the ones on the Uber app. You type in the date, time, where your ride started and ended, and how much it cost. Then, the generator creates a receipt that you can save as a picture. You can send it via email or download it.

If you want an Uber receipt that looks like the ones from Uber’s website or emails, ExpressExpense’s Uber Email Receipt Generator can do that. Put in your trip details, click “Make Receipt,” and it’ll create the receipt. It figures out the distance and time for the trip. It’s super quick, giving you a download right away.

This service is completely free to use. It allows you to easily create fabricated Uber receipts. It’s accessible via both iOS and Android devices as it’s a website. Many people use it for tax deductions or to get reimbursed for business expenses.


MakeReceipt Fake Uber Receipt Generator

MakeReceipt is an online tool that allows you to craft receipts for various reasons. Whether you need to recreate a lost receipt, want to show off to your pals, or require a receipt for something you’ve sold, this platform has you covered. 

It’s a no-cost service that produces high-quality receipts using the details you provide. Just choose the Uber receipt template, personalize it according to your needs, and easily download or print the finished receipt.

Just enter trip details like ride date, start/end time, starting/ending address, cost of the ride, payment and card type, etc and click on “Make Receipt,” and the tool will create the receipt for you. You can even change the font style. It’s really quick, and you can download your customized receipt right away.


InvoiceWriter uber receipt template

Invoicewriter stands as another excellent option for generating Uber receipts without any cost, simplifying the process. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, creating invoices using InvoiceWriter is not only functional but also an enjoyable experience.

The platform offers a vast collection of invoice templates within its library, which can be customized according to a user’s specific needs.

Additionally, if you’ve misplaced the original invoice and require a duplicate, you can easily replicate one using InvoiceWriter. Many of the invoice templates provided are exact duplicates of most of the company or brand’s invoices, making them easy to use.

When you click on the provided link, you will have the ability to customize the Uber receipt to fit your specific requirements.

You have the freedom to edit existing text or add new text as needed. Whether you want to modify the time of the ride, the pickup and destination locations, the ride amount, or the payment mode, this platform lets you do so easily.

The Uber receipt is completely customizable and can tailor the Uber receipt to accurately reflect the details of your ride, ensuring it meets your exact needs and preferences.

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Samahope Custom Receipt Maker

Samahope Custom Receipt Maker

Samahope offers a customizable platform to generate receipts for various purposes, ensuring top-notch quality. You have access to pre-designed and editable drafts and templates, offering convenience.

To start, all you have to do is choose a receipt template, allowing you to effortlessly generate Uber receipts or receipts for other companies. It’s simple and user-friendly, even enabling the creation of a fake Uber trip for personal or business use.

This platform extends its functionality to design receipts for cafes, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, transportation (like cab receipts), and pharmacies. For a personal touch, customization options like font adjustments, logo additions, and altering receipt details are available, allowing you to create unique receipts.

The website is designed to be enjoyable and simple to navigate, enhancing the user experience. However, it’s important to note that there’s a watermark on the download page, which can be removed by joining the premium version. 

Uber Mobile Receipt Generator

ExpressExpense Uber Mobile Receipt Generator

With ExpressExpense’s Uber Mobile Receipt template, you can craft Uber receipts resembling the ones you see on the Uber app. All you have to do is enter the date, time, starting and ending locations of your ride, and the cost. 

The generator then creates a receipt that looks exactly like the Uber app, and you have the option to save it as an image, share it via email, or even the option to download it.

After entering all the trip details and clicking on the “Make Receipt” button, it will generate the receipt for you. You can also easily make a duplicate copy of an invoice if you lost the original. Many invoice templates resemble the authentic ones, making it easy to replicate them.

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Uber Rideshare Receipt Maker

ExpressExpense Uber Rideshare Receipt Maker

You can make Uber receipts that look like the ones on the Rideshare using ExpressExpense’s Rideshare Receipt template. Just fill in the date, time, where your ride started and ended, and how much it cost. The generator then creates a receipt that looks like the original one. After putting in all the trip info and pressing “Make Receipt,” it creates the receipt for you.

When you go to download the receipt, you’ll see a watermark there. If you decide to sign up for premium, the watermark on the receipt will disappear. If it works for what you need, you can consider getting the paid version. Take a look and see if they’re the right fit for you.

Uber Rideshare Mobile Receipt

MakeReceipt Uber Rideshare Mobile Receipt

The Uber Rideshare Mobile Receipt generator provides the easiest and safest way globally to generate receipts for those who have lost them or require them for other purposes.

Moreover, they provide a feature for sending and receiving bills through email or SMS. You can create Uber receipts that closely resemble the Uber mobile app style.

When you input the Uber ride’s Date, travel time, where you started and ended, and the fare, this Uber receipt generator crafts a precise Uber receipt in JPG format. If it interests you, it’s worth giving it a try.


NuTemplates fake Uber receipt template

This is a fake Uber receipt template website that versions in Excel, Word, and PDF formats. Simply download the template, replace “UBER RECEIPT” with your own name, and proceed to fill in all the necessary fields. Add the fare details and calculate subtotals as required. After that, you can easily print and use the customized receipt for your needs.

With this alternative fake Uber receipt generator, you have the ability to craft a receipt for your taxi business that mimics the design of Uber receipts. It’s an ideal receipt template, especially for drivers who want to offer a polished receipt experience to their cab passengers. 

Simply select the Uber receipt template that can be edited, download it, and tailor it by inputting your own details for immediate use.

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We sincerely hope you have found this article useful. Feel free to explore and test out the various fake Uber receipt generators discussed earlier, selecting the one that aligns best with your needs. 

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