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16 Stores & Brands Like LoveShackFancy (Alternatives in 2023)

Are you searching for stores like LoveShackFancy that offer excellent products? Your search ends here. We say: LoveShackFancy is high on the list of cult-favorite brands that offer ethereal, vintage-inspired designs. This is a popular destination for fashionistas.

If you are looking for trendy wedding dresses online, there are a ton of great brands like LoveShackFancy with similar styles at an affordable price.

In this post, I’ll outline 16 of the top stores similar to LoveShackFancy, offering modern feminine styles for an attractive price.Stores Brands Like LoveShackFancy

About LoveShackFancy

Former fashion editor Rebecca Cohen launched the LoveShackFancy brand back in 2013, which is known for its dainty retro prints, breezy sundresses, made of cotton, and comfy knit sweaters. In addition to childrenswear, swimwear, and nightwear collections, as well as bridal and interiors collections, the label has emerged as more than just a dress label, transforming into a lifestyle brand. 

In addition to the eye-catching details, flirty silhouettes, and soft hues that define LSF’s clothing, there are enchanting vintage-inspired romantic floral prints and hand-dyed fabrics.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen founded the brand out of a passion for designing a bridesmaid dress to be worn. Starting with hand-dyed silk dresses, LoveShackFancy quickly became a known brand of romantic clothing that whispers romantic getaways and memorable moments.

16 Absolute Best Stores & Brands like LoveShackFancy in 2023

ASTR The Label

ASTR The LabelA great alternative to LoveShackFancy is ASTR The Label. This is a brand curated by a creative collective with an elaborate sensibility and an affinity for the feminine aesthetic, ASTR The Label is dedicated to immersing its customers in the world of effortless beauty. 

From its inception in 2012, the brand has been recognized as a stylish fashion brand that is accessible to everyone. Known for its sophistication, versatility, and chic design, the ASTRA The Label collection is appreciated for its superior quality and a special blend of contemporary elegance, flexibility, and chic design. 

Keeping up with today’s fashion trends, the brand continues to produce fashionable and beautifully designed clothing for modern women. ASTR The Label has a wide assortment of fresh designs, from romantic dresses to jackets, skirts, and tops.

For Love & Lemons

For Love LemonsLA-based fashion label For Love & Lemons was founded in 2011 by Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall. A variety of ready-to-wear, swimwear and lingerie are produced by the company. This clothing brand gained popularity for its romantic designs including lace accents and embroidery details.

Possibly LoveShackFancy’s closest competitor, For Love & Lemons, since they offer the same enchanting vintage look, but cost a bit more. However, LoveShackFancy still offers a lot more variety while undercutting them.

Their variety of designs are aimed at a younger generation who are drawn to vintage styles while staying true to modern aesthetics of fitted, flattering shapes. 

In line with many other mid-range brands, they usually shot their clothes and accessories on young, plus-sized models. Additionally, their styles appear to be geared toward smaller bodies. For Love & Lemons also offers a buy now, pay later interest-free scheme through QuadPay.

Petal & Pup

Petal PupProviding stylish, on-trend, affordable fashion for young women, Petal & Pup is regarded as the ultimate fashion destination. Petal & Pup has more than a hundred employees, the company styles and produces an array of hand-picked products, keeping its clients’ wardrobes stylish.

The company operates exclusively online and has no physical stores as of yet. If you’re a fan of some of the pieces on LoveShackFancy but aren’t really into lace or billowing skirts & blouses, you might love Petal + Pup. To add fashion and glam to their pieces, dresses and skirts are mainly tailored with floral prints and natural prints.


SaboThe Brisbane-based best friends who founded Sabo launched it in 2011. In their early days, the girls ran a simple fashion blog that became an online store where they sold vintage items, local labels as well as their own original designs. 

The social media platform has over 2 million followers. In addition to clothing, Sabo also sells sneakers, swimwear, sleepwear, formal wear, and sleepwear designed in-house.

Designed in Australia, Sabo’s exclusive collections are synonymous with excellence. The pieces they offer are as gorgeous and as individual as the girls who wear them. The Sabo team is consistently working on new styles to bring you weekly. Several months pass from the beginning to the end of Sabo’s design, sampling, and production process, so you can be assured they put a great deal of effort into making that gorgeous outfit.


LulusSince the 1990s, Lulus has been making clothing and introduced the online shopping experience in the early 2000s. The store specializes in cute dresses for bridesmaids, parties, and vacations. Besides that, Lulus also offers a great selection of basics, clothing, swimwear as well as accessories, including jewelry, shoes, and hats.

They offer a wide selection of stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories, available in a variety of colors and sizes. It doesn’t matter the season or occasion, there will always be the right outfit or look. Lulus’ clothing offers a great balance of fashion, luxury, and comfort at very affordable prices.

Boutique merchandise can also be found in Lulus, depending on the style and availability of the merchandise. You’ll find sizing ranging from extra-small to extra-large among Lulu’s fashions.

As previously mentioned, Lulus carries a wide variety of women’s fashion items, from tops, bottoms, dresses, and rompers to jackets, sweaters, business clothes, swimsuits, and a wide variety of accessories. you can also split your payment up into four interest-free installments using Klarna.


CleobellaOne of our favorite brands of bohemian clothing for women is Cléobella. The brand carries a lovely collection that includes flowing maxi dresses, airy tops, and wide-legged boho pants, alongside handbags wallets all made from sustainably sourced leather. 

Their collections are reminiscent of vintage style with gorgeous lace dresses and billowing skirts featuring designs from around the world.

Taking responsibility for our environment and ethical practices are core values at Cleobella. Traditional techniques are used in the designs, which are created by independent artists from all over the world.

Traditional design elements are incorporated into their pieces in a tasteful manner resulting in a unique style that is distinct from their competitors. The company offers modern styles as well, including hooded sweatshirts and joggers that are made by local artisans with a distinct worldly flare. Considering notable categories of fashion apparel, this brand can easily be considered one of the best LoveShackFancy similar brands.

Sister Jane 

Sister JaneFashion company Sister Jane creates vintage-inspired items that are simple and easy to wear. You’ll never be bored with your wardrobe with a new collection every six weeks. It offers a wide selection of stylish clothing, from dresses to tops to shirts to blouses.

They never let you down, no matter how eccentric they may seem or how unique their design signature may be. While maintaining a retro feel, the pieces feature unexpected details. With bright colors, fresh styles, and a vintage look, the pieces have a youthful feel.

Sister Jane has grown over the past decade while maintaining its aesthetic. With its design, you get nostalgia combined with quirkiness, sophistication combined with playfulness. Sister Jane’s prices are less than those of other brands like LoveShackFancy.

Christy Dawn

Christy DawnChristy Dawn claims to be a sustainable fashion company with the goal of making women feel beautiful without harming the environment. Using deadstock fabrics, the brand designs the hottest garments. These outfits are made by recycling leftover fabric.

The LA-based company, Christina Dawn, creates and manufactures limited-edition women’s dresses and clothing.  They use recycled materials to create their pieces in a factory in downtown LA.  

Among their products are dresses, jumpsuits, tops, jeans, bottoms, sandals, and accessories. 

For those seeking a classic vintage feel, which is elegant and unassuming, but still has a unique design, Christy Dawn is worth looking into. Although their fashion style is conservative, they have their own charming appeal. In addition, they are committed to sustainability.

& Other Stories

Stories& Other Stories made its debut in Europe few years ago and quickly gained popularity internationally for its clothing, beauty products, accessories, and price tags. A minimalistic collection of products with both a trendy and timeless appeal, and collaborations with independent designers, one might think this brand has it all.

Founded in Sweden, this brand is owned by H&M. As well as being reasonably priced, the service is excellent. For those of you who are looking for brands like LoveShackFancythat have an expansive collection of stylish apparel, you’ll enjoy shopping here.

By combining neutral silhouettes, pastels, and monochromatic pieces, & Other Stories makes stylish clothes that are also hip. You can find European design fashion at & Other Stories. In addition to its unique, fun party wear, & Other Stories also offers footwear and fashion accessories.

Free People

Free PeopleFree People is a great option for people who want good-looking, stylish, comfortable bohemian clothing, but the clothes are expensive. They are outrageously overpriced, especially for casual clothing. 

The clothing at Free People can be worn by all ages since it combines modern and boho styles. In addition to its own stores, the clothing line is available in department stores. The store is great for people who prefer fashionable items to basic necessities.

There is a collection for everyone at Free People, including fun, flirty evening wear, and workwear. The store also features intimates, beauty products, and home decor. 


AnthropologieA few of the products that Anthropologie offers are intimates, furniture for the home, decor, and beauty products. Each of these collections is inspired by bohemian chic, edgy classics, easy cool, and sporty modern styles.

You can find cute, feminine, and comfortable professional and casual clothes there. Its target market is affluent and fashion-forward women between the ages of 30-40. 

A dress from Anthropologie fits every occasion — every length, every style, every color. They also have good-quality clothing that fits people of a variety of sizes, and durable furniture to match. 

Anthropologie offers a variety of clothing and accessories. In addition to footwear, lounge furniture, and beauty products, the brand also offers dresses, tees, sweaters, blouses, and knits.


StaudStaud offers upscale design at a reasonable price point. It is more focused on creating pieces that are timeless rather than trying to keep up with current trends.

The Staud brand strives to find a balance between luxury and fast fashion. This line offers a variety of high-quality, LA-chic, and classic items in this line that are not too expensive for the everyday fashionista.

Among the many clothing items offered by Staud are dresses, jumpers, pants, skirts, tops, etc. The STAUD online store allows consumers to pick and choose clothing from various brands. The company also offers free shipping and returns to its customers.

Cult Gaia

Cult GaiaCult Gaia is inspired by women and nature. This is the source of the brand’s name. This brand’s mission is to create visually appealing, effortlessly elegant fashion.

It is a good option to check out this store if you are looking for a party dress.  Whether you’re seeking an eternal style piece or a timeless style that trumps every trend, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. All of the pieces are elegant, timeless, and unique.

Cult Gaia offers the highest quality items at competitive prices in its online store. This is something you will treasure for the rest of your life. 

Pixie Market

Pixie MarketThe direct-to-consumer clothing brand, Pixie Market, creates clothing for every occasion, with styles that remain consistent through the seasons. Instead of focusing on disposable products, they strive to create long-lasting, vibrant designs. Due to the absence of a middle man, Pixie Market can focus on quality without paying excessive retail markups.

A small family-run factory produces its own-label products using sustainable practices. Due to this, Pixie Market produces small quantities on demand in order to reduce waste.

A unique eye is applied to each item, ensuring that they are designed artfully. Throughout the collection, there are folk elements to be found. This brand pays attention to affordability and is suitable for at-work wear. A new style is introduced every week at Pixie Market. 

Few Moda

Fashion wholesaler & online fashion marketplace – Few Moda is a place to shop ‘classy & chic’ clothing. At Few Moda, you’ll find fashions for men and women, bridal wear, and lifestyle products, all at affordable prices

Brand designers, as well as emerging designers, are integrated into global production networks that deliver high-quality fashions to fashion-conscious retailers, department stores, and other retail outlets. Their platform focuses on the sourcing and distribution of curated women’s apparel.

Whenever you see the kinds of discounts you get, you are absolutely delighted to subscribe to their membership. A discount on top of an already tasty cake makes it even better. Few Moda offers unique and romantic clothing to make your daily wardrobe a bit more bohemian.


ReformationWomen’s clothing brand Reformation specializes in tops, jeans, and summer dresses. The brand market itself as eco-friendly and ethically made. The Reformation has gained a great deal of popularity over the years.

Moreover, Reformation has managed to create a dress that is both gorgeous and flattering. Oftentimes, they chose fabrics that are sustainable as well as pretty. 

The Reformation is popular and loyal to its customers. Eco-friendly manufacturing is of utmost importance to the brand. For dresses, tops, and jeans, there is a wide range of style, color, length, and size options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Any Brands Similar To Love Shack Fancy?

YES. We have listed top brands like love shack fancy in 2023 in the above section. In addition to offering a wide range of women’s clothing, these cheap stores like LoveShackFancy sell great men’s and kids’ clothes as well as accessories. Furthermore, you’ll find exclusive offers and discounts of all kinds, making it easier than ever to save money when it comes to buying new clothes. 

Why Is Love Shack Fancy So Expensive?

Fabrics and sustainable packaging are the main factors contributing to Love Shack Fancy’s expensive price tag. But they’re not too expensive compared to other brands like LoveShackFancy. Moreover, LoveShackFancy constantly adding new categories to its collection.

So, these are the top LoveShackFancy alternatives you should check out. Do you know any other sites that offer dresses like love shack fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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