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17 Stores Like UNIF: Trendy Designs at Cheaper Price

Many users may not find UNIF product’s quality value for money or may find it difficult to get the item they are looking for. In such a situation, people will be looking to opt for alternative stores like UNIF. There are many cheap brands like UNIF that offer similar clothing that is in the style of grunge, goth, punk, streetwear, and vintage for all genders at great prices. Let’s look at the best UNIF cheaper alternatives that are available for use.Top Brands Stores Like UNIF

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to alternative sites like UNIF and explain how they can benefit you. Having this information, you can be confident about buying your next piece of clothing.

Keeping all this in mind, it is worth exploring several other cheap brands like UNIF that are worth shopping for. If you’re looking for UNIF alternatives, here are some of the top cheap stores.

17 Stores Like UNIF That Sell Trendy Designs At Cheap Price

Lazy Oaf

Lazy OafThe London-based brand Lazy Oaf designs clothes for women, men, and accessories, which feature bold colors and graphic prints.

The Lazy Oaf style brand was founded in 2001 by Gemma Shiel. The Lazy Oaf clothing brand offers irreverent streetwear for men and women, inspired by nostalgia and rebellious adolescence. 

There are several main categories of products offered by the brand, including jumpers, skirts, trousers, coats, and shoes. Despite their bold prints, slacker aesthetic, and sense of humor, the tees are unique in the market.

You can take advantage of special discounts, rewards, and Oafer loyalty programs. Moreover, Lazy Oaf’s clothes are durable.

Urban Outfitters

Urban OutfittersThe US-based retailer Urban Outfitters offers fashion tailored to young women. Over 240 locations have been served by the company.

Whether you look for a touch of dresses that make your wardrobe a fashion statement suited to any occasion, Urban Outfitters may be right for you. 

There are a lot of interesting dresses and shoes available at Urban Outfitters that are perfect for the outdoors. They sell vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Urban Outfitters is a true vintage company that specializes in unique pieces.

New Girl Order

New Girl OrderFor those with a style that fits their personality, New Girl Order would be the best fit for you. If you love wearing beautiful, chic, and trendy dresses with unique playful twists, New Girl Order offers a wide variety of dresses with unique playful twists. 

New Girl Order puts a twist on the latest and most popular dresses into adorable t-shirts, and at an unmatched price point, this brand never lets you down when it comes to stepping out in style.

Aside from having a good selection of quality clothing, you’ll also enjoy ample discounts during big sales when you shop on new girl orders. New Girl Order, whose range previously only went up to a size 16, has now expanded to provide apparel for plus-sized women as well.


DangerfieldDangerfield is an alternative Australian fashion label founded in 1986. Dangerfield is considered a UNIF alternative store because the brand focuses mainly on youth culture and street style. The brand’s apparel and accessories mix vintage vibes with street style, making them ideal for anyone who likes to walk on the wild side.

Alongside a variety of payment modes, they accept installment payment modes like AfterPay and ZipPay. 

As opposed to UNIF modern aesthetic, Dangerfield has a more vintage vibe. Both brands share a sense of style and fun that is recognizable and recognized across their product lines. 

Dangerfield, however, capitalizes on their playful nature by using a vibrant print and colors that are not too bold so they can be worn with a lot of confidence. 

Dangerfield stocks both girl’s and boy’s clothing and accessories; with a variety of styles to choose from, Dangerfield presents styles ranging from alternative and punk to rockabilly, allowing customers to discover their own individual styles.

As well as offering timeless pieces and iconic prints, Dangerfield presents a contemporary aesthetic with a bit of edge, influenced by pop culture, gritty music halls, and natural elements.


ValfreThe brand, founded by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré, is a leading women’s lifestyle brand in LA. Founded in late 2013, the brand quickly became the go-to destination for those who are creative and passionate.  Valerie’s mission is to make the world of psychedelics a reality through the creation of unique products that reflect the world.

A retailer offers various products online. In addition to trendy phone cases, fashionable clothing, women’s tops, and other products, the retailer offers a wide array of items for women and girls. VALFRÉ has been labeled as girly, feminist, and experimental since its birth in 2013. Valfre is your best choice if you’re the type who enjoys experimenting with new outfits. 


AnthropologieAnthropologie offers products for women, including intimates, home furniture, decor, and beauty products. All of these collections are inspired by boho chics, elegant classics, easy cool, and modern sporty.

They have a great selection of professional and casual clothes that are a little funky, feminine, and comfortable. The company targets women between the ages of 30-40 who are affluent as well as fashion-forward individuals. 

There’s a dress for every occasion at Anthropologie — the rainbow’s colors, every style, every length. Moreover, clothing is of good quality and fits a variety of sizes, and their furniture is durable. 

A collection of clothing and accessories is available at Anthropologie. The Company offers footwear, lounge furniture, and beauty products, as well as dresses, tees, sweaters, blouses, and knits.

Black Milk

Black MilkThe Brisbane-based company Black Milk was established in 2010. This company offers a wide range of products including leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, dresses, beanies, hosiery, unisex products, suspenders, skirts, catsuits, jackets, gym clothes, shoes, and more. 

Prints are adorable, and delivery is quick, but for the price, one would expect a higher-quality product. BlackMilk provides not only great clothing products but also a great level of customer service and cares about each customer.

This brand combines the feminine aesthetics of edgy and grunge designer pieces designed by trendy designers.

While Blackmilk isn’t perfect, it pays more attention to customer service and designing cute clothes than popular big fashion boutiques.


KillStarIt is an online retailer of fashion and apparel that sells apparel and accessories. Founded in the United Kingdom, it is founded in 2010, the clothing company has a true size range of 3XL.

Through unmatched quality and great design, KILLSTAR quickly became a favorite among independent retailers and free-thinkers. You’ll find bold prints, studded leather, and digital prints along with cool accessories and leggings.

Although Killstar isn’t that cheap, it seems to have become the brand to buy in the gothic fashion world.


FolksterFolkster is a female-owned, independent shopping destination founded by Irish stylist Blanaid Hennessy, and has one of the friendliest teams of stylists.

Whether you’re shopping for a special Christmas party dress or a bridesmaid gown or even homeware for your best friend’s wedding, Folkster is the spot you’re looking for.

Additionally, their latest clothing collections are available for both party and daily wear. Folkster team members can also help you find the perfect look for any occasion with their in-store personal stylists as part of the VIP experience. 

Hot Topic

Hot TopicThe Hot Topic chain, which operates over 200 stores across the United States, holds an important position in the apparel market. One of the fashion stores like UNIF catering specifically to teens and young adults who have an alternative lifestyle. Offering products such as body jewelry, artificial tattoos, and multi-colored hair dye, as well as music-based apparel for men and women, Hot Topic is a rapidly growing retail niche.

Hot Topic employed an ordering method that helped the company stay on top of consumer trends even as it grew rapidly. Its primary goal remained to offer non-traditional, fresh inventory, and this approach earned the company loyal customers. Hot Topic is still a dominant presence in traditional malls.


SuperdryThe Superdry brand offers a wide variety of high-quality products with vintage Americana and Japanese-influenced graphics. The clothes feature top-of-the-line fabrics, authentic vintage washes, cutting-edge detailing, unique hand-drawn graphics, and a wide range of fashionable fits. As a result, the brand is a household name internationally, as well as gaining exclusive appeal.

In 65 countries around the world, there are 768 Superdry stores operating under the brand’s name. There are over 100 countries served by the website. Besides offering great customer service, they offer a flexible returns policy.


KohlsThe largest retailer in the United States with almost 1,200 retail locations, Kohl’s has become the place to shop for everything from clothing to home decor

The store offers clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, decor, jewelry, toys, appliances, beauty products, electronics, and housewares. 

It has successfully developed a loyal customer base through the implementation of loyalty and incentive programs and has also partnered with major retailers such as Amazon to help customers more easily return products online.

In addition to athletic wear and sports gear, Kohl’s offers name-brand products at great prices, including products from Adidas, Nike, and Fila. Kohl’s is also a destination for fashion, showcasing designer collections from celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lopez to legends like Vera Wang.

Kohl’s is a great place to buy on-trend essentials for men. You’ll also find a range of options for those looking for ways to keep their homes clean and tidy, including vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies at affordable prices. 

Kohl’s offers everything from coffee grinders to blenders to waffle makers. A wide variety of high-quality appliances is available at the retailer, ready for you to test out.  

The Ragged Priest 

The Ragged PriestRagged Priest is a cult womenswear label based in Newburgh Quarter, the Mecca of independent brands. This UK fashion brand is similar to UNIF and creates innovative, high-quality clothing. The brand, founded in 2007, is known for its unique brand voice and strong social media presence.

While staying true to the grunge aesthetic, collections are trend-conscious. Every aspect of Ragged Priest’s work is centered around denim, and they have now become known for blending experimental techniques with denim shapes.

You can get everything from distressed denim to tees and hoodies, including mesh dresses, slogan tees, and trendy t-shirts.

From its inception, the company has always collected vintage and customized it for resale, and currently uses recycled denim in its designs. There is a greater consideration of scale in the clothing produced so that stock is wasted to a minimum. 

These items aren’t being produced in large quantities, but in small quantities, until they are sold out. The pieces almost appear as if they are limited and unique.

If you’re planning to purchase streetwear pieces in the future, you should check out The Ragged Priest. 

Top Shop

TopshopThe Top Shop company operates as a multinational company selling a variety of fashion products for women. With roughly 510 stores worldwide and multiple online presences, it had a global presence.

The brand Top Shop specializes in women’s wear. The company offers products from many leading brands, including Adidas, Champion, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Glamorous, Club L, Jaded London, Quay Sunglasses, Selected Femme, Ivy Park, and others.

As a fashion retailer, they sell women’s clothing, and as a fashion specialist, they offer a variety of clothing and accessories. There is a variety of women’s clothing available from casual wear to workwear, and from swimwear to bridal wear, in addition to accessories to complete your look.

Prices at Top Shop are reasonable; while they are not cheap, they aren’t exceptionally expensive. Top Shop offers a variety of promotions. There are various promotions that they run from time to time. They even support the Klarna payment method.

Free People

Free PeopleLifestyle and apparel company Free People is another cheaper alternative to UNIF that provides products for women, including clothing, intimates, shoes, apparel, accessories, and beauty. Free People’s goal is to offer high-quality, affordable clothing that appeals to women’s intelligence, creativity, and individuality. 

The FreePeople clothing line is geared towards women. Creating a lifestyle is free people’s primary objective. The store offers trendy and vintage clothing in a bohemian style. You will find both the old classics and the most fabulous latest styles there. There is everything from chic outerwear to irresistible intimates in this collection – from special occasion dresses to chic outerwear.

Free People isn’t necessarily the best place to shop if you’re concerned about a low price. Free People accepts returns just like most other online stores. You can return an item to them within 30 days if you are not happy with any of the items supplied and Free People will issue a refund.

Nasty Gal

Nasty GalA very popular store for women’s clothing similar to UNIF, Nasty Gal competes with shops such as ASOS, and several others. Despite Nasty Gal’s fresh, funky logo, what captures our attention are the products’ designs, which give us a sense of the store’s cool concept. 

The fresh collection of Nasty Gal allows them to keep customers engaged with stylish products. They have a great collection of jewelry and other accessories to complete your daring appearance. The products range from bags, wallets, eyewear, hats, scarves, to makeup, sunglasses, and belts. 

There aren’t too many brands that cater to a wide range of consumer tastes. When it comes to this case, Nasty Gal is a real standout. They offer not only the usual sizes but also a category for plus-sizes on their site.

Dolls Kill

Dolls KillLos Angeles-based fashion retailer Dolls Kill offers affordable fashion accessories to young girls and boys of all ages. The brand mainly markets its products to young adults and offers six collections for them to choose from. 

Dolls Kill targets, young adults, using six of its collections and tie several aesthetics together. Additionally, women can buy clothing, shoes, and beauty products. You can purchase items from Dolls Kill and pay them off in four fortnightly installments using Afterpay, an interest-free payment option.

Which one is the best brands like UNIF?

There you go! So these are the cheap stores like UNIF that are competing in 2022. No matter if you want to buy vibrant prints, colours alongside unique designs, or an eclectic blend of alternative, streetwear, and festival wear, you can find an online store suitable for your needs from the list. 

We believe that our list of stores like UNIF should work well enough to satisfy your various fashion taste. So go ahead and pick your shops similar to UNIF. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Are there clothing brands like UNIF missing from the above list that you find noteworthy? Don’t forget to comment the name.

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