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16 Best Sites Like Afterpay (Alternatives with No Credit Check)

With the development of technology, people look over monthly installment options to shop their favorite items. That is the reason why today we have plenty of “pay later” service companies that allows in-store and online customers to purchase a product immediately and pay for it later in installments. With a huge number of young students and for people who don’t want to spend the whole salary on buying something, here come the best sites like Afterpay to make the buy-now-pay-later too easy.

Sites Like Afterpay

Buy now and pay later is something that has become very common in the current shopping sites scenario. The reason is simple, even if you don’t have enough money in your purse or bank account, you can buy your desired products right away anytime in a simple EMI option without any complications. 

There are various times when people want to buy their desired products, they lack that much money to grab it whenever they need it or whenever the offer is running on such products. In such situations, shop now and pay later options come in handy for every shopper. Today, there are various options for you to offer a more flexible payment mode. One such popular company is AfterPay. 

If you’re an avid online shopper, you may already use or heard about the AfterPay. This shop now and pay later service is integrated with popular sites like Princess Polly, Dolls Kill, Shein, etc. According to research, the AfterPay has grown more during this coronavirus pandemic because many retailers closed physical stores and customers were increasingly hesitant to buy from the shop.

16 Top Afterpay Alternatives to Shop Now and Pay Later in 2022

Paypal Credit

Paypal Credit is well-known and one among the favorite bill me later service. As the name rightly suggests, it comes from PayPal. To book or buy anything in monthly installments, look for the Paypal Credit payment option on the popular merchants, including Walmart, Home Depot, USPS, eBay, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy,, JetBlue Airways, Liquidation Channel, Jewelry Television, and They have an amazing collection of support for most of the websites that you’ll expect from a pay later site.paypal credit

Paypal Credit is a platform available for users founded in 2000. Later the company expanded its visibility in other countries. Currently, the Paypal Credit service is available in several countries across the world including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Japan.


Klarna is another popular sites like Afterpay and Affirm which operates in all major countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, and more. The company allows users to pick their mode of payment on 250,000 merchants in 17 countries. 

When the company wanted to take a look into the purchase now pay later service in 2005, Klarna was invented. This platform grabbed more than 90 million consumers around the globe. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to worry about the interest fees, and also this service will not affect your credit score if you pay installments on time.

The best part is that you can also know about Klarna is it offers a smooth one-click purchase experience. Consumers may shop online through the Klarna app, available on iOS and Android. So, it can be considered as the Afterpay alternative app. Moreover, Klarna is available from various well-known platforms.



Fingerhut is not similar to Afterpay but it is one of the best buy and pay later service like Afterpay for shopping freaks. Fingerhut is one of the pioneers of online shopping and the bill me later service as the website has all your favorite products under the hood. Fingerhut is a user-friendly platform that allows users to make a purchase and pay their monthly bills. The steps to complete your purchase through Fingerhut credits are convenient and dead easy. fingerhut

Fingerhut credit works over a number of products from the site and acts as saviors for many who are willing to get hands-on their products in very less down payment. A huge collection of products, credit you need to buy the stuff, free shipping, discounts, deals, and best customer service are other features of Fingerhut that attract millions of customers in the US.


Sezzle is another comparable Afterpay alternative that gives you a chance to purchase anything to pay over 4 interest-free payments. Sezzle is user-friendly and quick to approve anyone’s application as it gives instant approval to shop on more than 27k stores and sites. Anybody can apply for Sezzle’s credit to use on the various platforms. sezzle

It is the perfect similar sites like Afterpay where you can also know have zero impact on your credit score. It gives a couple of choices to pay through monthly installments. You get four interest-free payments to complete the purchase via EMI. This helps buyers gather all their desired products from stores and sites as the total payments will split up over a number of months with interest.


Quadpay provides you access to a growing collection of stores to pay the remaining money through monthly pay-offs after the purchase through a down payment. This can be considered one of the similar sites like Afterpay. It has got a pay over four installments option and one of the widest collections of stores from all over the world. QuadPay

Just like Afterpay, it is not limited to only online sites. They also offer interest-free EMI service on offline stores as well. If you are the one who shops often from both online and offline stores, then I will suggest you go with Quadpay purchase now and pay later service. It is a well-suited service for you.



Another similar site to Afterpay with zero hidden fees and late fees. You can choose from millions of products on the basis of your interest to get pay at your own pace option. If you like to shop using Affirm then check out to payment page from the site by clicking the option you will find at checkout. It asks only a few pieces of information for confirming your signup process on the platform.affirm

All we can say it is a true Fingerhut alternative to buy now and pay later without a doubt as there is no credit check while most of the other websites like Afterpay ask dozens of documents to complete the purchase with installments.


Zip is considered as a replacement of Afterpay. It would also be a great way to pay later on your purchase in the comfort of you. There are no hidden fees or annual charges on the platform, but there are occasions when you fail to pay on time.

Almost all the popular sites are integrated with Zip payment and the payment can be accessed without having to wait for days to get approval. Not only the online websites and apps, but Zip is also integrated with thousands of offline stores and shops that offer products like groceries, electronics, and fashion. zip

They have Zip Pay and Zip Money for account limit under $1000 and account limit above $1000, respectively. There is no interest for three months even if you opt for Zip Money for transactions above $1000. Over 2 million Zip users in Australia and NZ are satisfied with the quality of service Zip is providing.


Splitit is an Afterpay alternatives site where you will get an easy method to pay over time on any purchases or bookings. It is an interest-free service that allows users to turn the purchase into smaller payments to make it easy to pay. It offers more limit no fees service to spend on the things you need. splitit

Splitit flexible payment plans are interest-free and let people choose plans that suit their budgets. In this sense, Splitit offers people an easy way to explore the world of “buy now, pay later” services with an attractive website and an easy checkout process. On Splitit, it’s possible to pay in installments over a fixed period and even split the total up to 24 installments. lets retailers offer more flexible payment plans by offering customers automated payments over time. After a retailer signs up with, they’re given access to a flexible payments service.Partialy

The flexible payments services offered by other firms are geared more towards consumers, but takes a different approach. It targets businesses that would really benefit from improved cash flow by providing flexible payment options. does not charge hidden fees, and transactions are presented upfront despite some transaction fees. Let customers pay at a rate that matches their finances by automating flexible payment plans for products and services.


A new alternative to Afterpay is Atokes, which offers a cost-spreading service with a range of credit limits, and is intended for interest-free purchases. Choose any product from a number of categories or merchants on Then place your order by choosing your initial payment and the number of installments based on your monthly budget.Atokes

The monthly credit limit of each user is determined based on the documents they submit as proof of income. Users of the service receive a six-month interest-free period, which can be increased to as many as ten payments per month, depending on how well their payments are handled.


Buying online now and paying later is cheaper than paying upfront. You can reap the benefits of FuturePay by shopping online primarily, and you’ll be able to pay later. The name implies that you buy something and pay later, and it couldn’t be easier.Future Pay

Each FuturePay transaction is completely transparent and there are no hidden fees or conditions. Buying products online and getting them shipped can only benefit you. Payment of the remaining balance may be any amount between $25 and $100 per month until the purchase is complete. If you want to pay it in full, that is also possible.

There is a small $1.50 fee charged for every $50 balance carried forward into a new month. The best thing about FuturePay is its transparency. The fees are low and the payment terms are flexible. You get to choose how long to pay and when. This means that FuturePay is a worthy services like Afterpay that is worth giving a go.


Viabill is among the top alternative to Afterpay. Users of Viabill pay the number of products they want in installments of four without interest, which makes it easy for them to get what they want now and pay later. Viabill

As with Viabill, there are no interest or hidden fees and the installment is always debited automatically each month. The benefit here is that shoppers receive no interest rate on installment payments because there is no contract involved. With ViaBill, sellers and customers have access to a buy now, pay later solution.

ViaBill offers the convenience of fast and easy online payments delivered directly to their inbox. Payments are split into monthly installments and repaid interest-free. ViaBill aims to provide affordable, understandable financing options to consumers that are fully transparent.


OpenPay is one among the companies like Afterpay. Several online retailers are currently offering the Openpay service. There is a $10,000 purchase limit with OpenPay, as well as up to a 12-month financing term. The company will verify your details within a short period of time, which can be done using the app, in-store, or at checkout.OpenPay 

After your application is approved, you can start shopping with any of OpenPay’s partners in-store or online today. Get started with a payment plan that suits your financial situation; you’ll pay your first installment today, and any remaining balance will be taken care of throughout the next fortnight or week.

As OpenPay is a new startup, it is only supporting integration with WooCommerce and Magento for now. However, other e-Commerce platforms are likely to be integrated as the project develops.


Yet another installment payment solution similar to Afterpay is Laybuy. This service is available for New Zealanders, Australians, and UK residents, and offers installment pricing on countless items online and in-store. Managing your payments and budget just got easier. You can check in to see how much you owe, pay off your orders early, or just get notified about any upcoming payments.Laybuy

Laybuy is similar to AfterPay, but it spreads payment into 6. This ensures payment depends on your financial stability. They charge 10% of your total payment if they don’t get paid. Generally, Laybuy is a good option for those who like to shop but don’t have much money to spend right now.


A leading retailer in the UK, Littlewoods is now offering numerous installment options to make shopping easier for customers. These options can cater to the different needs of each shopper.

It offers the Spread The Cost Interest-Free program, which allows buyers to spread the purchase price over a 20-week or 52-week period at 0% interest. You can choose to pay for your installments monthly, thereby taking payments into account your finances.Littlewoods

In addition, there’s the Buy Now Pay Later program, which lets you put off payments for a maximum of 12 months at an annual interest rate that is calculated on the checkout page. With these installment options, you can select your furniture item and pay the balance between a four-week or eight-week time frame.

Pay in 4 – Paypal

Pay in 4 is a personal installment loan service offered by Paypal, one of the biggest payment platforms in the world. You can spread out your purchases in 4-week installments with interest-free financing, provided you qualify. Payments may be split into four installments. There are no hidden charges.Pay in 4 – Paypal

Customers receive a credit line of around $30 to $600, depending on their ability to pay. And because Pay in 4 is integrated with Paypal Wallet, you can manage your payments without much hassle. For now, however, PayPal users in the US are only able to use Pay in 4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Afterpay works?

Besides collecting a fixed and variable (percentage) fee from merchants, Afterpay also charges merchants late payment fees. These are two main ways how Afterpay makes money.

What are the Afterpay eligibility criteria?

Every county has its own policy for who becomes eligible to avail of Afterpay services. You must also be the authorized holder of a credit or debit card in order to place an order. But you generally have to be at least 18 years old to purchase anything online.

Additionally, you may be considered ineligible if you don’t provide an email address, phone number, and delivery address at your state of residence.

Does Afterpay have a limit?

A retailer on the Afterpay platform may grant a transaction cap up to $1,500 in a single transaction. The user’s outstanding credit will be limited to a maximum of $2,000. However, the maximum $2000 limit for Afterpay users is only for users who have a good track record. That means most of the users who make payments on time are eligible for it.

How to increase the Afterpay limit?

Your AfterPay account spending limit may be increased if you make timely payments and if you make continuous payments. the longer you’ve used AfterPay, the more likely it is that your spending amount might increase. 

Does Afterpay do a credit check?

No. AfterPay service does not require customers to have a credit check or charge customers interest. Customers simply set up an AfterPay account at select online retailers, and then use it to make purchases wherever payments are accepted through the website.

Does Afterpay charge interest?

A consumer who uses Afterpay won’t incur any upfront fees or interest – it’s free. Users only have to worry about late fees should payments fail to go through while they were scheduled and, when notified, they still fail to log in to their Afterpay account to pay via a different method. Customers in the United States pay 25% late fees on orders. 

Does Afterpay work in India?

No. AfterPay is currently serving only in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.

Does Afterpay affect credit score?

If you get reported as paying late on a debt or if someone does a credit check, the result can affect your credit score. Afterpay never does credit checks or report late payments. 

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These are worthy sites similar to Afterpay. Since a large number of popular retailers have partnered with Afterpay and it is one the easiest buy now pay later services to use. Moreover, these Afterpay alternatives may fail to completely replace it even in the future.

Nevertheless, we are confident that these 16 websites will provide users with an outstanding pay later experience similar to that provided by Afterpay. Please let us know in the comments below which website you love most.

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