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How to Check Your Kids’ Whereabouts with TheWiSpy App?

Just like our wallet and car keys, cell phones have become a vital component without which we cannot leave our home. Kids of the modern age start using smartphones by the age of 11. Now, around 53% of American children own personal smartphones and tablets. The use of cell phones among teens has a higher percentage of 84%.Check Kids Whereabouts with TheWiSpy App

One thing is clear: whenever your child leaves home, cell phones are a necessity they would carry with them.

The good news for parents is that they can now track their kids’ whereabouts remotely using Android tracking software. Nowadays, the primary parental concern is ensuring kids’ security in the dangerous outside world.

Do you know that kids are at 91% risk of getting missing and abducted?

Parents know how difficult it is to wait for their kids when they are outside. We can’t forbid children from going out, but we can check their whereabouts history with TheWiSpy app.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get straight to the solution.

How to Check Your Kids’ Whereabouts with TheWiSpy App?

TheWiSpy is a modern solution to track the location of Android devices. It is an Android phone tracking app that integrates with your kids’ devices and continuously tracks the GPS location to keep you alert with the location updates of your children. We know it is tough for parents to ask their teens where they have been all day. There is no need to nag when you can monitor your children with a remote phone tracking app TheWiSpy.

If you want to track your child’s location with TheWiSpy app, there are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Install TheWiSpy App:

Just like other mobile apps, TheWiSpy needs installation. But, the installation process of this spyware is quite different. You can not install the TWS app from the Play Store. TheWiSpy is legal monitoring software that is only available on its official website To get started with the TWS app, you need to purchase its subscription. Get a registered TheWiSpy account by signing up and buy the monitoring license from the buy now page. 

Once the user purchases the TWS app license, the service provider sends the user an official email holding the TheWiSpy app download link along with an activation key. The minute you receive the email, get ready for some action. Pick up your child’s phone and open a mobile browser from it. Paste the TWS app download link in the search bar and tap go. Now, download TheWiSpy APK file and then install it on the device. Accept the TWS terms and conditions and allow specific app permissions to complete the setup process. Now, it’s time to jump to the next step, accessing your TWS control panel.

Step 2: Log in to Your TWS Account:

Pick up your phone and open TheWiSpy dashboard on it from You can also open TheWiSpy dashboard from a desktop or laptop. Sign in to your TWS registered account and tap on location from the sidebar menu to track your child’s whereabouts.

Step 3: Monitor GPS Location Remotely:

TheWiSpy GPS location tracking services allow you to monitor live location details remotely. You can view active pinpoints and location logs using the GPS tracking feature of TheWiSpy app.

TheWiSpy online dashboard delivers comprehensive information about visited places and the active location of your target device. You can monitor complete addresses along with latitude, longitude, date, and timestamps. 

Premium Features of TheWiSpy:

Besides location tracking, TheWiSpy also offers some cutting-edge spying features to explore the cyber details of your children. Here is what more you can do with TheWiSpy app.

  • You can geo-fence localities and receive updates on geographical locations.
  • TheWiSpy lets you record phone calls and hear conversations remotely.
  • You can monitor the multimedia gallery under complete stealth mode.
  • Using TheWiSpy app, you can read the sent and received SMS messages.
  • It enables you to hear ambient sounds surrounding your child’s device.
  • You can monitor surroundings with a remote camera spy.
  • TheWiSpy app helps you track screen activities and monitor your child’s phone or tablet app usage.

TheWiSpy offers 20+ spying and monitoring features. This Android tracking software is a complete tool to safeguard children from physical and cyber dangers. So, if you want an easy solution to track mobile devices, TheWiSpy is the tool you trust.

[BONUS] Other Ways to Track Your Kids’ Location:

TheWiSpy app can let you track Android devices with a few clicks. But there are several other options that you can use to track your kid’s phone. However, such alternatives do not serve as a complete Android tracking app but only help you locate your target phone or tablet.

So, let’s get into the details.

Google Maps Location Tracking:

Google Maps can easily track android phones and tablets. As Android devices are connected with Google accounts, it is simple to track the location of your target device via Google Maps. Using Google Maps, you can view the location history of your kids and track their whereabouts anytime you want.


  • You must know the Google account password of your target device.
  • It only allows you to monitor location history. And you can not track real-time location using Google Maps.
  • The target device must be on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Find My Device Location Tracking:

Find my device is a Google-powered tracking app that is actually a part of the Google Play Protect suite. Using this app, you can track your target Android device. Moreover, it helps you lock and erase information from your device in case of stealing or robbery. Find My Device app lets you track the GPS location remotely. Moreover, if you misplace your phone or tablet, you can play a ring using this app.


  • Location service must be activated on the target device.
  • Find My Device app must be installed on the target device.
  • Target phone or tablet must be on and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Concluding Words:

When seeking reliable Android tracking software, we look for cost-effective apps that can save our time and money. Free apps perhaps help us track the whereabouts of our children. Still, there are always some limitations restricting us to get complete details on the location history of our children. TheWiSpy is an effective Android phone tracking app that provides parents with the access to track the location of their children remotely. Also, the TWS app assists parents to explore the digital world of their teens and tweens in complete stealth mode.

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