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9 Best Language Learning Apps You Need to Try

There will never be a better moment to pick up a new language than now. Whether you have been planning a fun vacation overseas or want to do something interesting with your spare time, a language app would be the best to have. It helps you expand your vocabulary, learn appropriate grammar, and become proficient with simple courses.Best Language Learning Apps

Many of them include speech recognition, which is essential for excellent pronunciation. Whatever you are interested in, there is an app for it. Here are some of the top language learning applications to help you study a language at your speed.

Top Language Learning Apps in 2022


Duolingo would always be the first app that comes to mind whenever the topic of language learning comes to light. As a result, Duolingo became one of the most renowned language-learning applications today. The app provides game-like courses to assist you in learning over 40 languages. To help you in learning, this app employs science-based teaching techniques. Lessons are tailored to your learning style, and you work on a wide range of language abilities.

Lessons are also progressive, which means that each class is developed according to the previous one. You cannot progress until you have completed every stage by getting all the correct answers. If you leave the app for an extended period, it will require you to retake basic courses to ensure your abilities have not become rusty. This app is free to use on both phones and the web.


Memrise goes beyond flashcards, “click to hear” words, and quizzes to let you comprehend real-world circumstances. Instead, Memrise’s “Learn with Locals” function immerses you in films that include real-world scenarios with local speakers. This allows you to comprehend the words, phrases better, and sentences uttered by folks who have genuine accents rather than bland or neutral accents.

The Pronunciation Mode also evaluates your speaking abilities. There are 23 languages available, with a free version and a premium subscription plan that costs $9 per month. Memrise is available both online and as a mobile app for your phone.


Mondly uniquely approaches language learning. The courses on this app focus on sentences instead of particular words from the beginning, giving you practical skills for establishing rapid discussions. If you value precise pronunciation, you will enjoy two features that the app comes with. You can listen to native speakers and practise having genuine interactions with AI chatbots that analyse and guide your speaking using voice recognition.Mondly

Mondly is especially useful if English is not your mother tongue. Most language applications teach languages based on English and potentially a few additional languages. To acquire more than several free classes, you will be required to sign up for Mondly’s subscription programme that costs $10 monthly or $48 for a year.


Busuu provides feedback from local speakers to assist you in refining your skills and language training with schedules and machine learning-enabled technologies that mirror a regular class. This free programme provides a study route that you may follow or jump ahead if you have prior knowledge of the language. It encourages you to read, listen, and say frequently used words before working through a few tasks to reinforce what you have learned. The programme also features an offline option to practise even when you are not connected to the internet.

While the free edition provides a good quantity of language learning information, you may subscribe to a premium membership. With this, you can access a study plan, AI features, and all sorts of languages. In addition, this app is available on both mobile and web so that you can alternate between devices, your phone,  and your laptop for your convenience.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has always been a pioneer in language learning for more than two decades. You can select from hundreds of languages and create a study plan that perfectly represents your learning style using the app.You may use audio recognition to check if you are on track by practicing speaking the language.

When you are out and about, you may employ audio-based learning. This helps you learn even without staring at your device continuously. You may also study by reading along with local speakers using the tale’s function.


Every language you want to master has its own personal AccelaStudy mobile app. Each software is straightforward, enables offline usage, and differs mainly in the words it provides, but all the functionality is identical. These applications contain various learning approaches, including flashcards, spaced repetition, audio quizzes, and more.

If you are always travelling, this app features a hands-free mode which is ideal as you can still study without glancing at your smartphone. These allow you to create your personal study sets, allowing you to choose which phrases to concentrate on. If you are experiencing problems remembering a few words, group them in a study set and study them independently from the rest of the vocabulary.


Pimsleur is a language learning software that is particularly developed to help you learn a language by listening, compared to other applications that offer on-screen interactive activities. As Pimsleur employs an auditory format, it is simple to study on the move.

Hearing to native speakers also aids in the rapid acquisition of lexical and listening comprehension. The trick to Pimsleur is to execute the program’s rules to the letter, including completing a lesson every day and repeating words when encouraged by the local speakers.


MosaLingua is a comprehensive language resource that includes Italian, Spanish, and French. You may follow the regular lesson programme, starting with simple words and numbers or picking from one of the thematic packs, such as individuals, time, or travel. This implies that you may do so immediately if you have previously gone over the essentials and want to fill up the information gap. In addition, dialogues portraying real-life scenarios can help you learn more effectively.

Learning by a self-assessed flashcard technique will educate you on the phrases in various methods, including recording, speaking out, and spelling them, to unlock all your memory channels. However, only a few of the app’s features are available for free, which you would have to purchase for each language independently. Yet the free edition has enough content; it is more than enough for a 5-day study binge.


Drops takes a different approach to language acquisition, making it ideal for visual learners. Drops is a game that is particularly created to assist you in expanding your vocabulary. It does this by combining instructional approaches with graphics and matching activities. The audio in the app aids in pronunciation learning as you read the text.

Drops employs an intriguing approach in which you are limited to five minutes of studying each day. This would keep you from being overwhelmed or attempting to absorb things too quickly. Even if you decide to get its subscription plan, there is still a five-minute restriction.

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