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TweakDoor App for iOS: How to Install Tweakdoor on iPhone/iPad (Guide)

If you are looking for an excellent alternative to Cydia and the iOS app store, then this article will surely help you to find a great one. Here we are going to explain everything about the TweakDoor app for iOS. It works well on iPhone and iPad models. Here is everything you need to know about TweakDoor and also an ultimate guide on how to install TweakDoor on iPhone.Tweakdoor App for iOS

What Is TweakDoor?

As we mentioned earlier, TweakDoor is an alternative to the official iOS app store, Cydia for iPhone and iPads. TweakDoor will help you to find unofficial apps and games. With TweakDoor, you can download and install the apps you like to have on your iOS device. That too for free! You don’t need to pay money for any apps. Almost every apps and game you find on the TweakDoor app is free for users.

TweakDoor App Features

  • No jailbreak required to install TweakDoor
  • Free to download
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Won’t take much space of your phone
  • Unlimited official and unofficial apps
  • Free apps and games
  • Regular app and game updates.

TweakDoor Pros

  • Unlike many unofficial apps, TweakDoor won’t need jailbreak. You can install it on any iOS device. It doesn’t matter whether you own the iPhone or iPad. You can easily install TweakDoor on your device 
  • No need for Apple ID. Yes, you read it right. To install TweakDoor or to install apps/games from TweakDoor, there is no requirement of Apple ID.
  • You get access to thousands of free games, apps, tweaks, emulators, and more on TweakDoor

TweakDoor Cons

  • As a third-party app, you can’t expect experiences like the official iOS app store and the experience you get on Cydia
  • TweakDoor may (may not) crash after a few days of installation. This happens because Apple will revoke the certificate.

How to Find Apps and Games on TweakDoor?

It’s easy. I mean very easy. Just like the official apple app store or Cydia, when you open TweakDoor, you will see dozens of apps, games tweaks, emulators, and more. They are also listed with categories and click on any categories to get the long list of apps inside that particular category. If you want to find any specific app, game, tweaks, emulators, and more you can use the search bar.

Can I Use TweakDoor on Android?

Well. TweakDoor is not available for Android. So, if you are searching for TweakDoor for Android then stop searching for now. The developers of TweakDoor might be working hard to produce a TweakDoor app for Android. Right now, you can’t use TweakDoor on Android.

How to Download TweakDoor on iPhone and iPad?

  1. Open Safari or any other browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now, click here to visit the official TweakDoor download page
  3. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Otherwise, the download might fail.
  4. Click Allow on the popup message, it will take you to the new page and there you have to hit the Install to allow the profile to download 
  5. In the next step, the above step will take you to the Settings app. There you need to click on Install Profile
  6. Now, enter your passcode and Safari will open
  7. On the open page, hit the Install button
  8. One more time, you need to hit the Install option and this will lead to open the Settings 
  9. At last, hit Install > click Next > Done on each consecutive page
  10. That’s it! TweakDoor will be installed on your iOS device and now, you can find the installed app on your home screen.

How to Use TweakDoor on iOS?

  1. On the home screen, you will find the TweakDoor app icon as it is already installed. Click on it to open
  2. Now, click on General > Profiles
  3. Now, search for the TweakDoor developer name and click on it
  4. In the next step tap on Trust
  5. Now, head over to the installer one more time and select Go To TweakDoor Apps
  6. That’s it! You can find every apps, game, tweaks, emulators, and more.
  7. Make use of the Search bar to find anything and follow the on-screen installation instructions to install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TweakDoor Safe?

While installing unofficial apps that are not available on the official iOS app store. But, TweakDoor is actually a safe app and it is free from viruses and malware. You don’t need to worry about things like stealing data and privacy. TweakDoor won’t harm your phone.

Is TweakDoor Legal?

Absolutely. As TweakDoor doesn’t need jailbreak to install, no need to worry whether it’s legal or not. It is not breaking Apple’s security or privacy settings. 

How to Remove TweakDoor App from iPhone or iPad?

Well. For some reason, sometimes, we need to remove some apps. If you are looking for a way to remove TweakDoor from iOS then here is the easy guide for you. We have two very easy methods to uninstall TweakDoor from iOS.

#Method 1

  1. Open Settings
  2. Head over to General > Profiles
  3. Click on the TweakDoor profile and hit the Delete Profile option
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and Boom! TweakDoor will be uninstalled instantly.

#Method 2

  1. From your iPhone/iPad home screen, find the TweakDoor app icon
  2. Now tap and long-hold the TweakDoor app icon
  3. In a second of hold, you will get an X button in the top corner
  4. Click Delete to remove TweakDoor from your phone permanently.

How to Solve TweakDoor Untrusted Developer Error?

When you are trying unofficial things that are not allowed by iOS, you get errors like untrusted developer error. So, here is the easy way to solve that problem. 

  1. Once you get the untrusted developer error while installing the TweakDoor, you need to note down the developer’s name
  2. Now, head over to Settings and select General 
  3. Click on Profiles and there, you need to search for TweakDoor’s developer name.
  4. Once you get the developer’s name, just click on it and hit the Trust button. 
  5. That’s it! This will solve the untrusted developer error on TweakDoor.

How to Fix the White Screen Issue on TweakDoor?

Not everyone is facing the white screen issue on TweakDoor. But, several users reported this issue on the app. And, if you are getting a white screen on the TweakDoor, then you have to delete the profile (follow the above-mentioned steps to delete profile). After deleting the profile, download and re-install the TweakDoor again from the above easy steps. 

Is it a Cydia Alternative?

Well. You can’t compare both the apps as Cydia is here for a long time and offers a lot of content. But you can’t underestimate TweakDoor as even it has better content to offer for the users.

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