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How to Cancel Facetune Subscription? (iPhone & Android)

How To Cancel Facetune Subscription on iPhone Android

Even though it is easy to enroll in a Facetune subscription through the app, canceling it can be a bit challenging. Would you like to know how to cancel Facetune subscription? Find out how to stop Facetune subscription, below.

A person who likes to retouch their selfies or edit the picture is already familiar with Facetune’s amazing features. It helps them look their best in a matter of seconds.

Having been downloaded over 4 million times, Facetune is instantly gaining fame as the go-to app for those who love taking selfies.

You have complete control over your appearance with the Facetune app. You can easily enhance your beauty, and shape, make your skin look smoother, fix lighting issues, and look stunning. 

Facetune retouches any of your selfies to produce some amazing results. You can even edit photos that are already in your gallery. Facetune features a variety of tools that are simple to use.

Even though Facetune2 is free to download, it includes the most advanced and powerful photo editing tools and selfie retouching features, as well as an enhanced user experience. 

Facetune2 VIP subscription will help you take full control of your photo editing, with greater precision, and with a more intuitive editing experience. Facetune2 VIP subscription includes all the features of Facetune.

Once you opt for a Facetune2 VIP subscription and you can’t cancel it manually with one click. The subscription will automatically renew if you didn’t cancel it manually.

After subscribing to a free trial, a subscription must be manually canceled within 24 hours of its expiration. If you forget to cancel Facetune free trial you will be charged.

This guide will show you how to cancel Facetune app subscription on Android and iPhone in 2022.

How to Cancel Facetune Subscription on iPhone

  1. Click on “Settings” and select “iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap the Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  3. Click “View Apple ID” You will likely be asked to enter a password or use Touch ID or Face ID to log in.
  4. Now, click on “Subscriptions” and you will see both active subscriptions as well as expired, canceled subscriptions. 
  5. In the next step, select Facetune subscription by clicking on it. This will give you more information about that subscription as well as the option to cancel it
  6. Now, click the cancel option
  7. Done! You’ve successfully canceled Facetune subscription (if there is no “Cancel Subscription” button for Facetune, the subscription has been cancelled. It will not be renewed).

How to Cancel Facetune Subscription on Android

  1. Open the Google Play app
  2. On the top right, click the Profile icon.Google Play Store Profile
  3. To manage all your subscriptions, click Payments & SubscriptionsGoogle Play Store Payments Subscription
  4. In the next step, tap SubscriptionsGoogle Play Store Subscriptions
  5. Select the Facetune subscription to cancel.
  6. There you will find the Cancel subscription option, click on it and follow the instructions.

Note: –

Generally, you are likely to be billed as well as be able to use Facetune VIP until the end of your current billing cycle. For instance, if you cancelled Facetune subscription on April 15 but the subscription is usually renewed on the first of every month, you will most likely be able to continue using it until May 1.

How to Stop Facetune Subscription on PayPal

If you’ve subscribed for Facetune or Facetune2 subscription and made the payment via PayPal, it will automatically renewed (via PayPal again) until you cancel the subscription. So, here is how you can cancel subscription on Facetune 2. 

  1. Go to the PayPal website
  2. Login to your account with details
  3. Tap the Settings option.
  4. Click on “Payments” then select “Manage Automatic Payments
  5. This will show all the transactions you made with various merchants. Select Facetune by clicking on it
  6. Now, you will find the Cancel button and tap on it
  7. On the confirmation page, click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab to cancel all future payments to Facetune.
  8. Click “Done” when the verification page appears to finish the cancellation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to delete Facetune from your iPhone or Android?

You can delete Facetune on iOS device by long-pressing the Facetune icon from the home screen and you will find X Mark at the top of the app icon. Just tap on that X to delete the Facetune app from your iPhone.

To delete Facetune app on Android devices, you can go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Facetune2 > Uninstall. In some phones, you can long-press on the Facetune2 app icon from app drawer and you will get Uninstall popup at the top. Click on it to delete.

Do I get Facetune subscription refund?

Whenever you cancel Facetune subscription, all future subscriptions will be canceled. But, there will be no refund for “unused” months within the current term.

How to contact Facetune customer service?

If you need any help or clarification about your subscription on Facetune, you can contact them by sending mail to

Facetune 2 does have a 7-day free trial, allowing you to try the service for free during that time. At some point, apps like Facetune are useful.

If you’re no longer interested in, or the VIP subscription failed to meet your expectations, or whatever the reason, it doesn’t make any sense to waste money on subscriptions on apps you no longer use.

So, we have shown you the easy method to cancel Facetune subscription on iPhone as well as on Android. We also added steps to cancel subscription on Facetune 2 if you opted for it using PayPal.

I hope our quick guide made every step clear, making Facetune subscription cancellation simple. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below.

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