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How to View Private Instagram Profiles? (4 Ways)

how to view private instagram profiles without following no survey


Instagram is a popular social media for people who love to share everything. It is a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos and let them add captions, edit filters and lot more. Millions of users do use Instagram daily for fun and love to engage with friends and followers. If you’re an Instagram user, you have some basic knowledge about it. As you know, it won’t allow you to see the videos and photos of a private account. If a user sets their profile as ”private” in settings, their photos/videos are hidden from non-followers. Only people they approved to follow, can see the photos and videos from a private account. Most of my friends ask “is there a way to view private Instagram?”. Officially there is no way to view the private Instagram pictures or videos as Instagram respects the user’s privacy. But you know, nothing is impossible in this world! 😛 You can view private Instagram account. Yes! You heard it right. Today in this article we are going to share the working methods to view private Instagram profiles. So if you’re looking for the article on “how to view someones private Instagram photos” then you are in right place. Try the following verified methods to view private Instagram.


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How to View Private Instagram Profiles Without Following No Survey

In some situation, you might have fallen in love with a cute girl on Instagram by looking at her Instagram profile picture. When you try to dig into her/his profile and you came to know that their account is private and in some situation even though you sent a request on Instagram, she won’t approve your follow request. In this tough situation, you have to look for methods to view private Instagram profiles without following.

#1 Send Request and Ask them Directly

Even though it is a private account, Instagram allows you to send a message to that person. By using this, you can express your feelings to that person on message. So that if the person may accept your follow request. Make sure you have uploaded some good pictures of your own and created a good bio that attracts others.


How to See a Private Instagram Without Following?

#2 Using Friend’s ID

This is another way. If that private account holder accepted your friend’s follow request or your friend is in good communication/relationship with that person, ask them to give the profile details or the best way is, ask your friend to tell about yourself with her. So that he/she will get curious about you and she might follow you back!


How to See Private Instagram Photos Without an Account?

#3 Using Fake Account

You can view someone private Instagram profile by using a fake account. But how? Let me explain. Create a fake account with girls name if the private account holder is a girl and create a fake account with the boy’s name if the private account holder is a boy. Whaaat? But, Why? Well. Most of the girls trust only girls so they will accept follow request once they feel the account is genuine even though it is bogus account. Another best way is to know about the favorite hero/heroine name of that private account holder and create a fake account using that hero/heroine name. Upload some beautiful photos of that hero or heroin and send a request to the person that you’re intended to view profile. Most of the girls will surely accept the request if it is from their favorite hero/heroin as they think it as fans page. In the end, you can view private Instagram photos.


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How to View Someones Private Instagram Photos?


#4 Instagram private profile viewers

The last way is using Instagram private profile viewers. There are dozens of online tools available on the internet where you can view private Instagram accounts easily. But we don’t suggest you try this method. As most of the online private profile viewers are the scam and full of ads, you may lose your privacy. Still, if you want to use them then here are some Insta private viewers. Try at your own risk!

Note: – We are not sure about whether the above sites really work or not. We are not responsible any lose. So try at your own risk!


I believe that above methods will be helpful for you to view private Instagram profiles. What’s your thought on “How to view private Instagram profile?”. Let me know in the comment section.

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