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17 Best Selling Sites and Apps Like Mercari (Alternatives in 2023)

People often search for Mercari alternatives for a number of reasons like lack of credible customer service and scammers on the platform. The app has been the cause of some people’s dissatisfaction, but it has also offered many opportunities for finding and selling deals.  There are several online marketplace apps like Mercari that make it easy to buy and sell items. Mercari is very popular because virtually limitless things you can buy and sell on the site and app, so it’s not hard to say that anyone can use the Mercari site or app for their own needs.Best Sites Apps Like Mercari


Anybody can sell or buy anything with a smartphone or a tablet conveniently on Mercari. You can purchase and sell almost anything using this platform, from sports and goods to electronics, as well as jewelry, shoes, and things of the like. 

The plethora of available items surpasses a million every day, and it is uncertain what treasures you will discover. Mercari is also similar to other similar apps, which enable its users to make money using their smartphones to sell anything. What people love about this platform is that it provides the buyer production guarantee payment until the products are received and the buyer confirms the product is in fact what is specified.

Over 15 Mercari alternatives are available for Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

17 Websites and Apps Like Mercari for Buying and Selling Anything Online

These are some of the best buying-selling apps like Mercari, and you actually ship your item to your buyer after selling it. Locally focused sites like Mercari allow you to sell directly to local people in your community.


Carousell works like other online shopping apps like Wish and allows users to upload a photo and detailed information about unwanted items on the app to sell online. Carousell has become one of the largest and rapidly-growing classified marketplaces in Asia. Carousell has over 250 million listings and counting. It operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Carousell

The website lets you buy & sell anything you desire, including fashion, electronics, beauty, furniture, books, luxury goods, cars, bikes, houses & home services. Additionally, they also list thousands of properties for sale & rent. Find your perfect home with a location & price filter of your choice. They are also offering a buy now pay later scheme in few countries.

Download Carousell App for Android

Download Carousell App for iOS


With the Tradesy mobile app, users can shop for designer clothing & fashion at expertly crafted deals and offers that are exclusive to Tradesy. Additionally, it is also a great app for users who want to make every sale without having to go anywhere. You can also shop and pay later on Tradesy just like sites similar to Fingerhut.


It offers a sleek way to sell fashion products that are in good condition. Designer brands from New York City to Paris can be found at huge discounts on Tradesy. A free shipping kit will also be sent just so you can transport your items easily. The Tradesy team takes special care to ensure that the items that are offered on their platform are 100% authentic.Tradesy

Especially for fashion sellers, Tradesy offers tips on how to create descriptions that are easy to understand and helps in selling products easily. If the seller confirms the item is still available, the buyer will ask for the item. The shipment process follows this. 

As soon as the seller sells, the seller has the option to use the balance as Tradesy credit on the site for no extra charge. You can also withdraw money from the account with your PayPal, debit card, or bank account. For doing this, sellers will be charged a $2.9% transfer fee.

Download Tradesy App for Android

Download Tradesy App for iOS


A free app that can be used to buy and sell items is the 5miles app, which can be used by local bargain hunters to connect to sellers looking to empty out their closets or garages.

5miles offers a huge advantage over competing OfferUp and LetGo alternatives since it lets you buy and sell services along with items.5miles

With the 5miles app, there’s no need to spend extra on listings, navigate through the confusing user interface, and deal with fakes and scams. It’s also the first app in its class to accept in-app payments and ship from the app, increasing convenience and accessibility for buyers and sellers.

With the 5miles Buy and Sell app, users can search by category or specific items but also by distance, price range, etc. If you come across a product you like, click the “Add to Likes” button and it will be saved to your list.

Download 5miles App for Android

Download 5miles App for iOS


It’s the local marketplace for people who feel nervous about buying or selling anonymously. It is one among the top Craigslist and Mercari competitors in the US. With VarageSale, sell things quickly and get a good deal for your product. A great deal can be found on the daily postings, making it a great place to find great quality items at great prices.VarageSale

The app allows you to see a buyer’s or seller’s ratings and overall response time to get a feel for their behavior before a sale. VarageSale app makes it simple for you to communicate with buyers and schedule meetups.

VarageSale is unique in that members’ have to make registration with Facebook so they are known and they have to be approved by a moderator in their local community.

Download VarageSale App for Android

Download VarageSale App for iOS


OpenBazaar provides a completely different way to conduct business online. You can buy & sell it directly from someone else, so there are no middlemen, no fees, etc. This open-source software allows people to freely acquire and sell goods and services. OpenBazaar

Among unique features, OpenBazaar offers multi-signature escrow services, which helps to prevent fraud. In OpenBazaar, you will find a variety of shipping options such as Standard, Express, Overnight, etc with different prices. Customers can pick a delivery method that suits their requirements and budget.

All users of the OpenBazaar network are able to access an encrypted chat feature that allows them to communicate with other users on the network. The seller can answer questions buyers may have regarding their products. The seller can provide shipment confirmation or customer support.


On Shpock, millions of people from different parts of the UK can buy and sell secondhand goods at the same time. Almost anything is for sale or purchase on Shpock: new items, used products in a variety of categories including electronics and tech, fashion and clothes, items for children and babies, as well as furniture for your home or garden.

Your stuff is delivered across the country with secure shipping. Using the Shpock app, you can sell your stuff and get money for almost anything. It’s free. There’s no catch. Shpock

You will be able to buy and sell used stuff as quickly and safely as ever with Shpock’s classified ads and boot sales. Buy with confidence on the platform with Buyer Protection. You’re guaranteed your item will arrive as expected or you’re liable for a full refund. It isn’t only a marketplace for products, but also for services like grocery deliveries, medication pick up, online tutorials, etc. Often referred to as contactless deals, Shpock can deliver your purchases to you without your having to leave your home or involve contact with the courier.

Download Shpock App for Android

Download Shpock App for iOS


This is the largest online fashion marketplace to buy and sell fashion items including clothing, shoes, and accessories. Thousands of different brands are currently listed for sale on the site and app, and more than 25 million items have been uploaded through mobile devices. Poshmark is the place to shop for men, women, and children. Poshmark

Poshmark app is freely available for iPhone and Android. Simply upload a few pictures of the product directly in the app after creating an account. In addition, you should provide as much detail as possible when describing the item. The final step is to add the price, then click done, and you’re done! Poshmark sends you an email with a pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label after you sell an item. 

Those who purchase an item listed for sale on Poshmark are protected by its eponymous Posh Protect, a guarantee that the item will actually arrive as described. A customer may return an item for a full refund within three days after receiving it if it was damaged or if it was not as described. 

Download Poshmark App for Android

Download Poshmark App for iOS


The Letgo app lets you advertise your items for sale locally for free to other local buyers. It was launched in 2015 and is available for iPhones and Android devices. The app works by letting you snap a photo of what you want to sell, posting it to the app, and chatting with potential buyers.letgo

It doesn’t matter if you have an unused coffee table or unwanted books; with Letgo, you can sell them for cash. Taking pictures; listing items for sale, setting the price, and describing them. Once the terms of the sale have been agreed upon, you can chat with buyers within the app. It is also possible to find some great bargains in your local area for useful products.

Letgo is similar to Poshmark except for its expensive shipping charge and additional tax. Although they currently operate in several countries, the United States and Canada remain their main markets.

Download Letgo App for Android

Download Letgo App for iOS


Vinted is an online selling platform designed to allow users to declutter their closets by selling their unwanted clothes. The platform is primarily targeted at female audiences. Additionally, users can swap unwanted clothes with other Vinted users.Vinted

Vinted lets users negotiate with potential buyers, so don’t be surprised if you receive offers well below your list price.  In over 20 countries, Vinted is available. It is not only possible to sell, exchange, and buy clothes through Vinted, but you can also interact with other users through the appropriate forum so that you can ask for information about the products you are interested in.

Vinted offers prepaid shipping labels for its sellers, so they can easily sell their merchandise. A small fee is charged to Vinted after the sale has been completed.

Download Vinted App for Android

Download Vinted App for iOS


The goal of OfferUp is to revolutionize the way in which consumers buy and sell in their communities. It offers iOS and Android shopping apps that allow sellers to sell items within seconds, just by snapping a picture. 

With a mission of transforming local commerce with simplicity and trust, OfferUp was founded in April 2011. Presently, OfferUp stands as the largest mobile marketplace for mobile devices. This platform has over 20 million monthly active users.OfferUp

Selling the item OfferUp is easy and addictive. By presenting your stuff nicely, marketing it well, and communicating effectively with potential buyers, you greatly increase your chances of selling it. Additionally, you’ll earn more money this way.

Download OfferUp App for Android

Download OfferUp App for iOS


This online marketplace connects buyers with sellers. A large majority of items sold in the marketplace are vintage items, handmade items, art, crafts, and custom-made jewelry, clothing, home décor, art, toys, and more.

It’s simple and straightforward to sell on Etsy. However, a seller must be constantly active through regular listing creation, as well as customer service, to create a searchable and attractive listing.etsy

You can list a product for sale on Etsy for $0.20. Your items will expire after four months, unless you sell or delete them. Etsy takes a 5% commission on a sale and a 3% fee if you accept Etsy Payments. In addition, a $0.25 handling fee will be added to the payment. 

There are various shipping options included with Etsy, and different payment methods are accepted, such as credit/debit cards, Etsy gift cards, Apple, or Google Pay. 

Download Etsy App for Android

Download Etsy App for iOS


eBay is a popular auction website that sells products directly from consumers. Furthermore, online merchants are making significant use of this channel as a sales channel. eBay offers different ways to purchase the item. Buy It Now provides an easy way for you to make an instant purchase for a product at a fixed price and also for you to bid at the price you are willing to pay for the item in an exciting auction-style format. If you win, you will receive the item at the price you bid.eBay

The seller will be charged a fee if the item sells. The price of a fee is determined by the sale amount of each item. eBay has been generating customers and sales globally since its inception.

Download eBay App for Android

Download eBay App for iOS


Buying and selling is a breeze on Particl. Direct e-commerce between individuals is enabled by this system. The peer-to-peer system creates a distributed network of users who own and operate the network with no central authority or middleman.Particl

This platform is a true alternative to centralized solutions and provides everyone with an opportunity to participate in the global economy at virtually zero costs, regardless of where they are located.

It works like a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology, but without having to sacrifice privacy. Just like cash transactions in person, all purchases and sales are made anonymously.


The popular online marketplace is home to more than 30 million users, making it a popular marketplace for people looking to buy and sell used items. Wallapop carries a lot of used items, but you can often find items that have never been opened and/or are brand new on Wallapop. Among the various categories covered by the site are automobiles, real estate, accessories, items, technology, appliances, and so on.Wallapop

This app is not only a place for removing the things we do not need or finding the products we need at an affordable price, it is also a place to have a good time. Wallpop is just like any other platform like Poshmark. So, safety is not an issue. The only requirement, however, is that all the payments must be carried out in cash only. 

Download Wallapop App for Android

Download Wallapop App for iOS


One of the popular buy and sell apps like Mercari i thredUP. It is a popular online store that also offers a wide variety of children’s and women’s clothes. With a combination of online shopping and thrift shopping, you can get everything you love at a great price and discount. ThredUp

Amongst ThredUp’s many products is a wide array of clothing for women, shoes, accessories, maternity clothes, designer clothes, and more, as well as clothes for girls and boys. Every single item of clothing that you see on ThredUp has come from somewhere. ThredUp has what you’re looking for if you have never purchased vintage clothing before due to the perceived quality or the designer label.

Download thredUP App for Android

Download thredUP App for iOS


StockX marketplace allows you buy, sell, and trade genuine sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, sports watches, and handbags. Each and every product is verified by StockX expert authenticators, so every product is guaranteed to be of high quality.

The website guards against potentially shady deals between buyers and sellers by acting as a middleman. Authentication is provided by StockX in order to ensure you receive only genuine products.StockX

In addition, StockX provides users with useful information like current market value, total items sold, and the change in the value of items. StockX offers thousands of items for you to choose from. The moment you find a product you desired to purchase, you can buy it right now at the previous low price or submit a bid with the hope one of the many sellers selling the same item will accept your bid.

Download StockX App for Android

Download StockX App for iOS


There are approximately 15 million registered users on the Depop online marketplace. Primarily, it was used as a place to buy and sell clothes, similar to Shpock or other online sites. You just need to set up a profile, snap a picture of the item you want to sell, and upload it. Upon receiving a buyer request and agreeing upon the terms, you just pop the item in the mail and expect payment.Depop

Depop is already one of the biggest competitors in the online marketplace and they have online apps like Mercari. In essence, it’s an online marketplace dedicated to fashion and unique items. 

Download Depop App for Android

Download Depop App for iOS

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

is Poshmark or Mercari better to sell or buy online?

There are several reasons why Mercari is better than Poshmark. You can list items on both sites for free, but Poshmark costs more for each transaction.

If the item costs over $15, Poshmark charges 20% fees. The Poshmark flat commission rate for all sales under $15 is $2.95. 

Sellers are charged a market competitive rate of 2.9% on Mercari. A $0.30 fee is also added for each payment received by the seller.

is shipping free on Mercari?

“Who Pays for Shipping on Mercari?” Is the most asked question by sellers. On Mercari, you decide whether you are going to pay for shipping yourself or whether the buyer will pay the shipping fee. You have the option of paying for shipping if you so choose, and Mercari will provide the shipping labels or you can do it on your own.

is Mercari a good place to sell?

No doubt. You can sell on Mercari to get rid of excess clutter around the house, supplement your income or make extra cash.

is Mercari reliable and safe for buyers?

Although many customers have complained about poor customer service, Mercari is secure and safe to use, just like any major e-commerce site.

How to sell on Mercari?

Selling on Mercari is very easy. You can list your item in minutes. Mercari lets you add a few photos and a description to an item and set the price for it.

How does Mercari work?

You’ll get lower fees selling on Mercari, and listings are lower maintenance. Mercari is free to use, but once you sell something, Mercari collects 10% of the final sale price. 

How does Mercari pay you or the seller?

The funds will reflect in your balance as soon as the buyer confirms they have received the item and the item is as good as mentioned in the listing. This balance can be used to buy any products on Mercari. 

You can also request an account transfer from Settings > Balance > “Transfer”. The funds will typically appear in your account within 5 business days after your Direct Deposit is processed. 

So, guys, these are the apps similar to Mercari you can find for Android and iOS. Some of these apps are better than Mercari while a few lag behind the competition because of lacking features. However, these alternatives will surely help you to sell or buy your products easily for a good price. If you know any other selling sites like Mercari do let us know in the comments section.

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