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11 Stores Like LOFT But Cheaper (2021)

The downside of LOFT is their hefty prices and the customer service. You don’t need to worry there are many other stores like LOFT which provide women’s clothing at cheaper price tags. We have provided a list of stores similar to LOFT so that you can choose the best. 

The Loft carries a wide range of casual, feminine, and stylish garments at surprisingly low prices. Fashion is at the core of LOFT. There are plenty of women’s clothing options here for you, such as pants, dresses, sweaters, skirts, suits, blouses, denim, accessories, petite, tall sizing, and more. Hundreds of stores are located all over the world and they also have an online store to serve you.Top Clothing Stores Like LOFT

11 Top Clothing Stores Like LOFT For Women

In this article, we have picked top clothing stores like LOFT for you! Depending on your needs, you can choose between the following options:

Note: – Updates to this list are frequent. Please let me know if you want to add any other brands similar to LOFT to it.

Ann Taylor

Ann TaylorFeaturing classically styled clothing for women, Ann Taylor is a major clothing retailer. Ann Taylor is known for sophisticated and comfortable clothes for women. 

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than an attractive, contemporary, and smart look when you shop at Ann Taylor. Dresses from Ann Taylor can help you stand out every day, no matter what the occasion. There is a huge selection of products in the store, such as dresses, suits, skirts, tops, bottoms, tees, sweaters, jeans, swimming gear, shoes, petite options, and wedding clothes.

Since its founding in 1954, Ann Taylor has contributed to several fashion trends and has become the go-to brand for professionals. When the brand was established, it quickly became a top choice for corporate women. During its evolution, LOFT diversified its customers and developed spin-off brands like Lou & Grey, Ann Taylor Factory, and Loft Outlet to appeal to younger professional women.

On Ann Taylor, customers can choose from a variety of classic suits, shoes, separates, dresses, and accessory styles. The high quality and high-fashion appeal of Ann Taylor’s clothing and accessories is one of its hallmarks.


TalbotsA woman’s clothing, accessory, and shoe specialty retailer established in 1947, Talbots is a premier brand of clothing, footwear, and accessories. With its carefully curated products, the retailer hopes to enhance the confidence of women across all aspects of their lives. Talbots is another option for fashion-conscious women besides LOFT.

Talbots’ reputation has been built upon excellent customer service, timeless pieces, and growth beyond New England roots. 

When it comes to shopping for a style that’s a little more sophisticated than LOFT, but comfy and less formal than Ann Taylor, Talbots is a good choice. Simple and classy designs make them perfect for any home or office environment. Elegant silhouettes offer the perfect mix of soft fabrics and flattering silhouettes.

Although Talbots is marketed towards an older audience, it is also characterized by uncompromising quality. Despite the reasonable prices, each piece is built to last.


EverlaneThe Everlane clothing line includes a few sections that fall under the ethical and organic clothing categories, despite not being as well known for sustainability as LOFT. Clothing from the brand is both simple and unique, keeping in line with their brand identity.

LOFT offers a trendier, more chic selection, but Everlane offers more refined options for individuals looking to broaden their fashion horizons. A similar pattern to the Banana Republic is also found in Everlane’s loungewear, lounge dresses, and formal wear collections. 

LOFT’s selection of clothing is broader than that of Everlane, but their designs are instantly classic that can be worn by everyone. The majority of items won’t be overwhelming, so you won’t have to scroll through tons of choices. They’re a great store for those just starting to add to an elevated wardrobe because of their traditional style and wide appeal.

Old Navy

Old NavyAlthough Old Navy is a member of the GAP family of stores, its focus is much more on youth culture. With a large section of clothing for children as well as adults, the store has both casual and athletic wear.

The Old Navy brand is a safe and easy choice for those who like LOFT, but find themselves wanting an even more youthful and casual style (as well as a little lower price). Its basic designs and simple basics are comparable to LOFT. There are more vibrant and louder colors in it, which adds some dynamic elements to it. Color blocking and wearing light colors are two things you’ll love about Old Navy.


GAPGAP is another store that caters to a younger audience of classic-minded millennials, but it also stocks clothing for children. A GAP look combines style and wholesomeness in equal measure. No matter what you purchase from the GAP, it will still look fine in 5 to 10 years.

As GAP boutique carries a huge variety of clothes, it is difficult to spot a specific category. A lot of jeans and basic necessities are featured in the aesthetic, but you can also find a lot of button-downs, button-ups, and blouses that can easily be incorporated into a wardrobe of a young professional.


J CrewA fashion retailer since 1983, J.Crew quickly gained popularity. With its growth over the years, the company is now a global leader in fashion and accessories for lifestyles. The brand’s stylish, fun style makes it known around the world. There are numerous specialty business outlets around the world, including J.Crew outlet stores and online businesses. 

With fabrics sourced from top mills in the United States and elsewhere, the company is creating the industry’s standard for design, quality, and style. Clothing options are available for people of all ages at J.Crew: men, women, girls, and boys.

The company sells clothing for women, men, and children such as swimwear, outerwear, loungewear, bags, sweaters, jeans, dresses, suits, jewelry, and shoes.


MangoThe online retailer Mango competes with fashion sites such as LOFT, but it is one of the few stores like LOFT that has a great collection. It has a slightly lower price point than other competitors like LOFT, but still offers an affordable selection of runway-inspired dresses.

Mango feels just as young-looking and modern as LOFT. There is a great variety of clothes here, including timeless classics, comfortable loungewear, and trendy styles. Fast fashion is technically on the site, but the quality often outshines others with similar prices and the selection is excellent. 

In addition to women’s clothes, they offer plus-size and kids’ clothing. Clothing and accessories are available at MANGO for ladies and gents.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen FisherEILEEN FISHER creates timeless styles for every season, which flow seamlessly together. Clothes are made to last and then they are re-worn or refashioned to give us a completely new look. 

They also sell clothing in 1,000 department and specialty stores around the world, as well as in two REWARD stores, which specialize in gently used, remade clothing. Eileen Fisher has that same loose, drapey approach to styling as LOFT, but it’s slightly more of a hippie destination with its added minimalist twist. Sustainability and organic materials are at the core of the brand, as per the designer’s beliefs.

The clothes at Eileen Fisher look appealing to a range of age groups due to the simplicity of the designs. Clothing staples for every environment and lifestyle are found here. In spite of the higher prices, we find the fabric quality at Eileen Fisher to be a touch better than at LOFT.


ExpressDespite its large size, Express is dedicated to empowering women all around the world by providing a fashion-forward fashion line. Fashion basics and the latest trends are all available at Express.

Boots and leather jackets are among their many offerings, and they make jeans and party wear as well. Express has the same subdued tastes with reasonable prices as LOFT, servicing the same age group. There’s something about it that makes it stand out, but not too much. The selection is certainly different from that of LOFT, but you can still shop there for workwear. In addition to button-down shirts and cardigans, you may also find short rompers or vegan leather pants at this store.


BodenBoden is a great place to shop if you love bright prints. Featuring prints and bold colors, this retailer sells a wide selection of fun tops and dresses. Although the colors are colorful, the styles themselves are appropriate for the office, including button-down shirts, dresses, and blouses.

Despite the playful prints, the cuts are entirely classic. Boden also has more basic staples, so if you like to mix prints and solids to find a diverse wardrobe, it’s a great store.


MadewellMadewell is a retailer of sustainable and ethical clothing that is owned by J Crew. In the main, its popularity was due to the fact that it did not follow fast-fashion trends but instead remained committed to creating quality clothing that would last.

Additionally, Madewell’s jeans became popular due to their ability to fit well and true to size. You can find jeans that fit at Madewell if you are having issues finding them. In spite of their higher price, they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Madewell has the best selection of fashion products thanks to its affordable and ethical styles.

Final Words

This list does not cover all the stores or sites that are available for buying clothing and accessories for women online. In our opinion, however, these are the best stores like LOFT. I hope this information is helpful to you. 

If you want to find your desired fashion apparel or accessories, you can pick any of the brands similar to LOFT based on your needs. Many of the websites like LOFT offer the better products at very less price and has even better customer service alongside express delivery. If you know any other stores similar to LOFT, feel free to mention the name in the comments section. 

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