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19 Stores Like Chico’s: Alternatives You’ll Love to Shop At

In this post, we’ve rounded up 19 stores like Chico’s where you can find women’s clothing & apparel, jewelry, accessories, and at prices, you won’t normally find at any other online retail stores and even in your local retail store.Top Stores Like Chicos

Chico’s offers fashion for women who want to feel comfortable and look sophisticated. Nonetheless, Chico’s apparel can also be attractive to young professionals, as these clothes are simple and easy to wear even by everyone. Consequently, Chico’s has become the number one pick for many women professionals when it comes to essential workwear.

Within a few years of the launch, the Chico’s store became just as popular for its effortlessly cool fashion. Chico’s clothes are long-lasting and fun, as well as trendy. Although some of Chico’s fashion items are made with high-quality fabrics, they are quite expensive.

To make things easier for you, we curated a list of 17 stores like Chicos that you can easily shop from the comfort of your home. When it comes to keeping your outfits elegant, here are Chico’s alternative stores that will help. These sites like Chico’s can give you a variety of fashionable options and can be accessed by several generations at once.

19 Top Stores Like Chico’s In 2021 You’ll Love

You’ve found the best place to find affordable yet fashionable online clothing stores like Chico’s! In today’s post, we share stores that are similar to Chico’s fashion style and price.

Fashion Nova

Fashion NovaFast fashion is a trend where clothing is produced rapidly and at an affordable price in order to incorporate the new trends from the runway. Fashion Nova is part of this trend. It has steadily grown in popularity among social media influencers, as well as among celebrities, musicians, and DJs. 

Many people have seen Fashion Nova on Instagram, even celebrities such as Kylie Jenner are wearing their clothing. The brand promises good service, unbelievable prices, and the latest trends. There are a thousand new products added to the website each week. 

Innovative shopping solutions are offered by this company to enhance the customer experience. One among the most popular fashion brands on social media is Fashion Nova, which has more than 20 million followers. 

Many of its items, such as jeans and crop tops, are available at even lower prices. Besides that, they offer sizes ranging from XS to 3X, something that not all fashion retailers do.

Dolls Kill

Dolls KillThe name Dolls Kill is well known to anyone who follows the fashion industry. You can most likely get the outfit you want from this store, which is one of the fastest-growing retailers.

It’s an online boutique that features punk rock, gothic, glam, and festival fashions. It specializes in women’s fashion designs. 

As an edgy online destination, it quickly grew to be an enterprise-level destination with thousands of customers shopping from worldwide, anywhere at any time.

Ann Taylor

Ann TaylorWomen’s specialty clothing retailer Ann Taylor operates a chain of stores. They offer a large selection of dresses, separates, shoes, and accessories in a classic style. Among Ann Taylor’s favorite looks are eye-catching clothes for women that combine elegance and comfort. 

The apparel at Ann Taylor aims to make you feel attractive, modern, and smart. No matter what the occasion—whether it’s a really special day or that just-as-important every day—Ann Taylor dresses will help make you feel chic and confident. The store provides a wide variety of products, such as tops, bottoms, tees, sweaters, denim, swimwear, shoes, dresses, suits, skirts, accessories, petite sizes, and wedding clothes.


MissguidedMissguided website offers everything Chico’s has to offer. Among the categories are summer dresses, for instance. Clothing such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, and wedding guest dresses is available.

Every week, thousands of new styles are available to customers, making them one of the most popular shopping destinations. When it comes to fashion products, Missguided is the ultimate place if you don’t want to pay hefty delivery fees. In addition to this, Missguided has excellent customer service.

The fashion retailer Missguided empowers girls to express their individuality and offers the best fashion choices. Missguided is known for having an extensive collection of curvy, plus-sized clothing. The clothes they offer are stylish and fit every body type. 

This company has earned its glory as an online store with an amazing collection of body-flattering styles. Keeping up with the latest trends and adding sexy details, they always keep prices low. 

Banana Republic

Banana RepublicKnown for its modern and stylish clothing with no boundaries, Banana Republic is one of the leading destination brands for fashionable clothing. Each garment is designed to minimize environmental impact and sourced from premium materials that come from around the world.

The Banana Republic catalog includes everything from apparel and eyewear to fragrances and handbags. All made with the finest fabrics and materials for a life on the move. The Banana Republic has more than 700 company-operated stores and franchises around the world. 

It is not too difficult to find dresses in the Banana Republic that are both classy and trendy that you can wear to numerous events. This fashion retailer carries everything from t-shirts and pajamas to jackets and activewear, this retailer brings sustainable items to the market.

They also carry a huge variety of sizes up to XXL, which is similar to Chico’s. Moreover, Banana Republic also offers many stylish and affordable options for men, whether they are looking for workwear or leisurewear.

The Limited

The LimitedIn addition to clothing and shoes, the Limited offers handbags, dresses, and home items for men, women, and kids. Additionally, you can browse more designer fashion, beauty, accessories, and fragrances. 

At a store like The Limited, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s jackets, work dresses, blouses, or blazers. Besides offering petite and plus-sized clothing, The Limited has many other things to offer women. The Limited offers apparel that is similar to Chico’s but is less expensive. In most cases, chico’s offers a higher quality than The Limited, however.


MadewellMadewell is probably a favorite among denim fans. It has been known for many years that they are the best denim brand in the U.S. They make the most unique, high-quality denim of any denim store. A sustainable manufacturing process is also part of the company’s commitment. Therefore, Madewell and its products are a great pick for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Furthermore, this store offers a wide selection of sweatshirts, sweatpants and bikinis, jackets, swimsuits, and jumpsuits. The materials used to make Madewell swimsuits make them a bit expensive. The Madewell collection is more fun and comfortable and they will surely meet a variety of occasions, as opposed to Chico’s, which offers more work-friendly clothes. With Madewell, you can choose between trendy and classic, bohemian and minimal. 


LOFTThe LOFT line has style options for mature women, just like Chico’s. However, the fabrics of LOFT clothing are of higher quality, which makes them more luxurious. The company also sells modest, yet stunning dresses that provide a good figure without being too constricting. The clothing at LOFT is usually modest.

In addition to its casual yet stylish apparel, LOFT offers a variety of styles and fits, ranging from floral and playful to sophisticated and modest.

There are plenty of blouses, cardigans, and turtlenecks at LOFT that you can wear while at work. As well as offering plus-size and petite clothing, LOFT also has pantsuits. LOFT has a variety of gifts for mom, from jewelry to shoes, wraps, scarves, and matching pajamas.


MauricesA very affordable clothing store, Maurices sells medium-quality clothing for a variety of occasions. Maurices, however, has its own section exclusively for plus-sized clothing. Along with intimates, dresses, loungewear, and work essentials, the store also has a section for maternity wear and newborn essentials. This is the place to go if you’re looking to build a professional wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank.

Maurices offers a broad assortment of styles that are geared towards middle-aged women, much like Chico’s. In addition to basics like t-shirts and pants, Maurices offers affordable accessories and will catch the eye of this younger crowd as well.

Free People

Free PeopleShop for clothing,  shoes, accessories, belts, gloves, and swimwear at Free People, a US-based retailer that sells boho apparel and lifestyle products. Besides cosmetics, skincare, and oral care, supplements, books, and crystals, a beauty and wellness category is featured as well. It reflects elements of womanliness, soul, and creativity in its apparel, shoes, and accessories. 

Free People may appeal to you if you enjoy sustainable fashion. Quality clothing can be found at a reasonable price at this store. Some clothing at Free People, especially full-length dresses, can be more expensive than at Chico’s. Free People is known for their clothes that have a bohemian feel, but are also wearable by any age group. 

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Coach Outlet

Coach OutletYour wardrobe can be enhanced with designer pieces if you wish to appear more sophisticated. A designer handbag costs hundreds of dollars, which not everyone can afford.

Thanks to retailers like Coach Outlet, you can get designer bags and clothing for a cheaper price. Handbags from Coach Outlet are known for their high quality, helping to tie together an outfit, making it look more elegant, and costly.

Coach Outlet and Chico’s carry a variety of different styles, but their main markets are mature women who are polished, professional, and like to shop. Chico’s collection of handbags is not very impressive when it comes to handbags.

Many of these discounted designer bags can be found at the Coach Outlet store. Coach Outlet offers a variety of watches, shoes, blouses, sunglasses, and dresses with a professional look.

J. Crew

J CrewAn American retailer, J.Crew operates multiple brands on several channels. Clothing found at the company includes swimwear, outerwear, loungewear, bags, sweaters, jeans, dresses, suits, jewelry, and shoes for women, men, and children.

Across the US, it operates over 450 retail stores. Through quality fabrics sourced from high-quality domestic and international mills, J.Crew has set the standard for corporate style, design, and quality. 

Whether you’re shopping for your whole family or for just yourself, you can find something at J.Crew. From laidback looks to girly looks, stylish apparel to enlightened looks, J. Crew has it all. Although you’ll find this store’s products tend to be more expensive than Chico’s.

J. Jill

J JillThere are several clothing stores owned by J.Jill in the United States. A key part of the company’s business strategy is to attract middle-aged women with fashionable products. Currently, J. Jill sells jackets, handbags, belts, shorts, tunics, sweaters, and a variety of other women’s clothing and accessories under the names J.Jill, The J.Jill Wearever Collection, and Pure Jill.

Quality staple pieces are offered at an affordable price at this store. When you browse through J.Jill’s collections, you’ll find funky tunics to colorful dresses for all age groups.

No matter what kind of fashion products you’re looking for, or who you’re buying it for, J.Jill will have something you’ll appreciate. J. Jill’s product line ranges from activewear to pajamas, just like Chico’s. Unlike Chico’s, J. Jill carries work-appropriate footwear and shoes for outdoor activities.

Lane Bryant

Lane BryantThe brand Lane Bryant is the top choice for women in plus sizes. Lane Bryant offers pants, blazers, dresses, blouses, and more to fit your work wardrobe. Nonetheless, you’ll also find some cute pieces that will be perfect for the summer months.

Lane Bryant’s apparel contains both expensive and affordable pieces, just like Chico’s. In this store, the prices vary based on the items that you’re looking for, as denim and blazers are typically costlier than t-shirts and intimates. In comparison to Chico’s, Lane Bryant apparel is of similar quality.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a fashion retailer that sells fashionable clothing to young women. The company serves over sixty countries. On Nasty Gal’s website, you can find vintage-inspired apparel and limited edition prints. Updates are made regularly. 

Nasty Gal is known as one of the world’s top fashion brands among young fashion consumers because of its trendy clothing styles and speedy updating. Also, they offer interest-free payment options like LayBuy and Clearpay.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little ThingThe latest fashion trends aren’t as expensive as you might think. Located online, PrettyLittleThing caters to those who enjoy shopping for cutting-edge fashion at a cheaper price. You will find clothing and apparel at this store at steep discounts, as well as suits, jackets, and tops.

Known for its large variety of stylish plus-sized clothing, the company has achieved popularity in recent years. After celebrities and influencers were seen with their clothes, the brands’ reputations grew rapidly. Besides the free worldwide express shipping, PrettyLittleThing also offers a wide range of payment options, such as buy now pay later.

The Reformation

ReformationThe Reformation is another women’s clothing stores like Chico’s that offers a wide selection of clothing for women. Reformation is a fashion company that works toward minimizing waste through sustainable practices. Reformation is known for its casual dresses, bodysuits, and shoes. These iconic pieces. The Reformation brand creates pieces that fit well instead of replicating celebrity trends.

Reformation, the online store for women’s clothing and accessories, is the place to visit if you would like to purchase a new collection. This site sells stylish, environmentally friendly design items inspired by vintage designs. A fashion store like Reformation carries a variety of eco-friendly products and all the latest designs. You’ll see recycled materials in most products.


RevolveSites like REVOLVE online store offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, and home goods for men, women, and children. A wide variety of designers and brands are available at the company.

Revolve offers fashionable dresses and skirts by the hottest designers.  A smartphone app allows customers of Revolves to search for and purchase products. In addition, it provides its customers with shipping and delivery services. 



The Windsor collection of dresses, shoes, jackets, and accessories is no wonder fashion lovers are enamored with them. As one of the oldest and most trustworthy fashion brands for women, stores like Windsor offer a vast array of fashion merchandise, a great selection of footwear, jackets, and other accessories. The company aims to create feel-good items that empower and inspire women.

Windsor was once favored by iconic figures like Jacqueline Kenedy and Princess Carolyn. Today, it makes its dresses affordable and stylish for everyone, not just the stars.

Final Words on Online Clothing Stores like Chico’s

I hope this article gave you all details about the top 19 stores like Chico’s that are worth your attention! These online fashion sites like Chico’s keep you on top of all the latest fashion trends. If you know any other online women’s clothing stores like Chico’s mention the name in the comments section.

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