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12 Best Clothes Swap Apps and Websites (2023)

Many people use clothes swap apps to trade clothes with each other if they wish. This encourages people to buy used clothes and swap content to improve the environment instead of buying brand new clothes. Would you sell your unused high-quality clothes?

Many shops take second-hand clothes, however, you might not get the best value for your items. However, with the help of the clothes trading websites, you can exchange clothes with other people without having to sell them very cheaply. Clothes swap apps make it possible to get original, high-quality clothes without spending huge money.Best Clothes Swap Apps For Android iOS

Online clothing swap websites and apps have also gained popularity, offering an alternative to cheap shopping sites and second-hand shops that is both environmentally friendly and frugal. Those who prefer not to attend parties or events can still trade their gently used clothes directly from your home.

Clothes swapping is a type of exchanging event in which participants give away their clothing they no longer use for the products they will wear. The clothing exchanges are considered a good way to replenish one’s wardrobe and they are also thought to be an effort to protect the environment.

Best Websites and Apps to Swap Clothes Online


The Depop fashion marketplace is the fastest and easiest way to swap your clothing online. Once the app has been downloaded, you tell what to sell, just as you would a post on Instagram. Depop also allows you to trade clothes with its swapping option. By this, you are able to swap your items with the ‘swapper’ for the same price.Depop

You don’t need to do anything except create a listing as if you were going to sell your goods, and set a price you’ve agreed upon. Due to the fact, both of you listing your items at the same price, it’s almost like you are exchanging money. Depop now records your transaction and protects it with its protection programs. Last but not least, you both must send your item through the post.

With Depop, you can also sell anything you want, and you only pay 10% commission. There’s even a feature that lets you chat with the seller and potentially get a better deal or learn more about an item. Depop also offers to buy now pay later to split your purchase into 4 installments over 6 weeks through quadpay.

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Gumtree Swap Shop

Gumtree’s Swap Shop is your go-to spot for amazing deals and discounts on new and used stuff for trade. It’s a great clothes trading website for local buyers & sellers since it’s growing quickly. There are plenty of opportunities for swapping. Gumtree Swap Shop

It includes anything, cars, phones, sofa, puppies, that is up for swap. You can search by location or postcode to find swap stores near you. It remains one of the most famous online classifieds apps and sites in the UK, serving communities across the country. It helps customers find what they want at an affordable price, locally.

Gumtree Swap Shop also allows you to filter the searches like showing only Urgent ads/Ads with pictures/search product that includes title & description.

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It is a non-profit organization with an aim to help people get rid of unwanted but reusable items so they can give them to people who can use them. Keeping those items out of the landfills will reduce their environmental impact. 

Everyone is eligible to join for free, and anything can be posted on the platform, it is valid for all ages, and totally legal. helps to reduce waste, save precious resources & reduces our burden on landfills while helping users benefit from a community.Freecycle

Once you open the website, you can either log in or signup. The search bar on the top helps you to browse and find thousands of products. If you like to swap your clothes in real life, then it’s a great platform without any incurring charges.

The Luxury Closet

Luxury Closet is an online marketplace where you can find the most comprehensive range of new and used designer clothes in leading luxury fashion brands. The Luxury Closet app offers a simple, easy-to-use interface, quick payments, and helpful customer service to make selling and buying and clothes swapping a smooth and hassle-free process.

More than 300+ fashion brands are represented in The Luxury Closet, not only heritage houses but also contemporary labels. This Dubai-based luxury online retailer The Luxury Closet gives special attention to the used segment, with 60% of its sales coming from exclusive luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Rolex.The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet is one of the best clothes swap apps to sell your luxury fashion items to give your closet a makeover and earn you extra cash for your next purchase. You will be paid instantly after your item sells at the Luxury Closet. This app takes care of everything resulting in a successful sale. You can submit your items through an easy online form. For sellers who want to sell 10 or more items, they have a VIP concierge service in the UAE and Riyadh.

Download The Luxury Closet App for Android


Vinted app offers clothes swapping option where items can be exchanged for free or for the same cost. Another member chooses something from your closet, and you choose something from theirs. Items that are eligible for swapping on Vinted can be identified by the Swap icon.Vinted

Vinted lets you swap clothes between people by getting in touch with each other. Both parties will agree on the items you swap. Once both of you have set the price at the same amount, you can ‘buy each other’s stuff.

The payout will be released to your Vinted wallet only after the other member receives your item. You will receive a full refund if the other party does not fulfill their item to you.

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Rehash is the most convenient and easiest way to give old clothes new life. They offer an opportunity for people to recycle their old clothing and receive something in return. Once you sign up, you can post items you’re looking for in exchange for the items you want to give. Those looking to sell their rehashed stuff usually sell it in person or through shipping, but the site doesn’t have anything in place to assist you with shipping.Rehash

Besides allowing you to trade clothes on the site, Rehash also offers you fashion and green living advice, live swap events, the ability to join groups, make friends, request items, and post on forums.

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The is yet another clothes swap apps that provides you with a method to get your favorite items for free. This app will help you get rid of unwanted items. When you are in the mood for something new or you are bored with stuff you already have, this app is perfect. This platform helps you to pick up new apparel even if you have nothing to wear; it also lets you swap out your unworn items.swop it

To begin, just create an account and list your items. Then, you must choose the stuff that you wish to purchase. Finally, you can discuss trades and swaps with another user. Additionally, you can easily earn in-app coins that can be exchanged for anything you like.

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Swap Society

This clothing exchange online site is perfect for women and kids looking for an affordable and easy way to switch up their wardrobes. Your clothes that no longer fit or no longer suit you must be sent to the platform and swapped for clothes that are the right fit. Swap Society’s points system makes it possible for users to get equal market value for their used clothes. Ultimately, exchanges or swaps on this website will save you money.Swap Society

Moreover, the platform accepts clothes from all brands. As long as the clothes are in good condition they will be accepted even if the tags are missing. Every purchase at Swap Society is worth points + $4.99. Different factors are taken into account while determining points including the estimated retail price, trend, brand, and quality of each item. By sending clothes that they no longer wear and swapping them for new ones, people save money. is an online thrift store where visitors can browse through pre-owned baby, kid’s, maternity clothes, men’s clothing, and women’s clothes. Sellers are responsible for pricing their own items and takes care of fulfilling orders and handling returns. Buying a brand new item can be replaced with a gently pre-owned item alternative of superior quality for every member of your family.swap comYou send your good-quality worn clothes to’s fulfillment center in order to sell your items on At up to 90% off average retail pricing, you have a chance to save a lot of money. With easy-to-use returns, is considered one of the handy online clothing swap websites.


The TradeMade app permits users to deal with goods and services safely and in any way they choose. It is user-friendly, works as advertised, and makes trading/bartering easier. Users can easily communicate with one another, and check out the inventory of other users. The interface is simple to use for anyone.TradeMade

People use this system to get things they want using the things they don’t need. There are probably people in the TradeMade community who have just what you need, so there is no need to spend money. The search function is easy to use and the chat function makes it easy for barterers to communicate.

Download TradeMade App for iOS


We all have a few things in our wardrobe that we will never wear again. You can get discount coupons for new clothing, other products when you send your unwanted clothing to a reGAIN drop-off point or charity shop.reGAIN app

Clothes you donate to reGAIN will be distributed to the company’s partners’ network of innovation innovators, students’ projects, research institutes, and fashion designers, who will renew, or recycle your clothes to make new sustainable products. 

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Dopplle helps reduce textile waste by promoting sustainable living through promoting clothes swapping. Through the app, students with their friends and a wider circle can swap clothes permanently or temporarily instead of throw it away. Dopplle

Founded by students, Dopplle aims to provide students with accessible, affordable, and sustainable fashion to enhance the appearance without negatively impacting the environment. Dopplle lets you swap clothes with other students at your university by downloading the app and getting involved.

Download Dopplle App for Android

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It is more sustainable to buy used gear, apparel, and accessories than to buy new ones. do not throw out good clothes. You can find some cool things to buy for a very small price using these online clothing exchange apps. As well as being of high quality, this kind of thing does not normally have any damage. If you know any other clothes swap apps that is worth adding then mention the name in the comments section. 

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