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21 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

If you are searching for the best app to edit audio on Android or iPhone, then you may definitely try audio editing apps to make your decision easy. To help you find some of the free audio editor apps, with the ability to edit your audio files in the way you want with many tools and options, we have selected all the best professional audio editors for Android and iOS, making it easier to pick one. Best Audio Editing Apps

Remember, the apps listed here might be available only for Android and some might be available only for iOS devices or work for both operating systems. Though it’s very tough to find one all-on-one sound editing app among thousands of available apps, we have thoroughly searched and added some of the best audio editor apps for you.

Best Audio Editor Apps For Beginners and Experts in 2022

This list isn’t in order of preference. You’re advised to pick one as per your editing requirements based on the features we mentioned.

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAMThe first among the best apps you can use to edit music is Music Maker JAM, a popular app for Android and iPhone. It does more than just editing audio, though, allowing you to create or remix great beats and tracks using loops from a variety of genres. All you have to do is take the audio file you want to edit, use the app’s various tools and then create the great music beat or edit the audio. 

It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a professional, Music Maker JAM is a great audio editor app for every user. Learn essential music producer tips and be a music producer using this app by recording the tracks with an amazing mix on the 8-channel mixer of this app.

Download Music Maker JAM App for Android

Download Music Maker JAM App for iOS

Drum Pads 24

Drum Pads 24This is another perfect music editing app for both iOS & Android users. With Drum Pads 24, you can easily create music and tracks on the go. It has a great user interface and is very simple to use the music editor app. 

You can also get high-quality samples, pitch audio effects, EDM sound packs, and a lot more from this lightweight app. The app allows you to master your music skills with its video tutorials and other features. The app comes loaded with 24 pads in two scenes and has a pad editor to make your own sound pack with inbuilt samples or from your favorite song. 

It’s free for all users with Ads if you can withstand and also has a premium version. If you purchase a premium plan, this app offers an Ad-free version with some additional features. The clean user interface of the app makes it one of the preferred apps for both iOS and Android devices. This is a very successful app with millions of downloads and more positive reviews.

Download Drum Pads 24 App for Android

Download Drum Pads 24 App for iOS

Audio Editor

Audio EditorAudio Editor is another free audio editing app that hosts a number of features to cut, merge, extract, or convert audio files. The UI is simple and the options are well categorized so that even a beginner can access all the features easily. 

What we really liked about the app is its ability to convert video to audio and change audio formats. For those who are into creating their own soundtracks and editing audio, Audio Editor is the best app. 

Download Audio Editor App for Android

Download Audio Editor App for iOS

Super Sound

Super SoundYet another amazing feature-packed audio editor to make your music is Super Sound. This Android app should be your go-to destination if you like all-in-one audio editing apps. It hosts plenty of audio and video editing features that let you customize in the way you want.  

One of the highlights of this free sound editor app is its uncluttered interface and a great collection of options. One of the more refined features on Super Sound is a batch video to audio, batch audio converter. Another thing that we really liked about Super Sound is its audio compression and pitch changer tools.

Download Super Sound App for Android

Music Editor

Music EditorMusic Editor for Android has received numerous positive reviews and fans from its amazing set of audio revising features. It is a free app that lets you merge multiple audio files into one, convert audio formats, compress the quality of audio and a lot of other editing features on a single Android app. 

Its versatility makes it an essential addition to audio editing on Android. Apart from the essential music editing functions, it also comes with some unique features like audio reverse, mute audio part, and volume booster.

Download Music Editor App for Android

edjing Mix

edjing Mixedjing Mix is an audio editing app that lets you remix songs and create music on your android or iOS smartphone. The best part is that the app has Soundcloud integration. It is also similar to other apps that have an easy-to-use interface and powerful audio editor tools. The app comes with a music library and audio samples to choose from. 

It also has some premium features in in-app purchases. The app can easily transform your audio file into an amazing DJ mix. The edjing Mix app has everything that you need from a professional audio editor app. Whether you want to create Dj music or audio editing, the app offers you both.

Download edjing Mix App for Android

Download edjing Mix App for iOS

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone MakerThis one is a more popular MP3 mixer and also a great ringtone maker with plenty of variety features. It is one of the best editing apps when it comes to powerful audio editing apps. The headlining feature of Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker is its audio mixing functions that bring overall audio music editing to the forefront. 

This app is for users who want to avoid annoying ads that pops-up everywhere. If you’re looking for an MP3 Converter that also lets you edit MP3 files in the way you want, this app by AppzCloud Technologies is a good option.

Download Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker App for Android

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio EditorLexis Audio Editor is also an interesting sound editor app available for both Android and iOS. This app comes with dozens of tools for audio recordings or editing audio files. You can use this app for noise reduction, compressor, normalizing, and a lot more. 

The app is also useful for saving the audio files in the desired audio format. You can also use it for changing the audio tempo, speed, pitch, etc. The Lexis Audio Editor app feels more like a great audio editor with its numerous editing tools. 

Download Lexis Audio Editor App for Android

Download Lexis Audio Editor App for iOS

Music Editor by Prometheus Interactive LLC

Music Editor Ringtone maker MP3 Audio cutterIt is a free Android music editing app that has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Even the free version of this app integrated with some incredible features to provide an all-around audio editing experience. 

It has a user-friendly interface, and options required for ringtone making, audio mixing, and reversing. With all the necessary options, Music Editor by Prometheus Interactive LLC is a worthy contender for the top free audio editor for Android in 2022.

Download Music Editor by Prometheus Interactive LLC App for Android


Timbre is pretty good and one of the most popular audio and video editing apps that provides a handy way of tools for audio-video editing operations. It also has room for a lot of other features like audio/video splitter, audio/video omitter, audio bitrate changer, remove audio from video, extract audio from video, etc and also with its audio editor, you can create ringtones to set on your phone. It can also be used to edit your songs effortlessly. Interestingly, the app can also make your video or audio faster.

Download Timbre App for Android

Voice PRO

Voice PROVoice PRO is a very classy app that helps you make your audio sound more professional from options like edit, cut, adjust, remove disturbances, noises and insert background. You can record audio in 100+ formats using this app. 

Choose any audio file from your file manager and edit it using dozens of options that Voice PRO app offers. If you want a simple audio editor app with a unique interface, try Voice PRO. It is a little bit big in size but does what it claims.

Download Voice PRO App for Android


AudioLabAudioLab is also a similar kind of app that lets you edit audio files using professional editing tools quickly. You don’t have to be a professional user to use this app. This sound editor app also comes with audio mixing tools that let you create music, add effects to audio, etc. 

You can also fix the inaccurate audio tag. It offers excellent support for many audio formats. The app is useful for making audio effects like echo, whoosh, reverb, 3D audio spatializer, and several other kinds of audio DJ-like effects. You can also use it for converting any audio.

Download AudioLab App for Android

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio MobileIf you are looking for a worthy paid audio editing app, you got it! The first paid app in our list. Are you searching for an app to enhance your audio mix, FL Studio Mobile is an excellent choice for you. This Android app has more than 500,000+ installs. 

It is a handy app for you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android device or Android tablet. If you want a tiny sound editing app, try this app. It is very small in size but does offer all the required editing tools.

Download FL Studio Mobile App for Android

WaveEditor for Android

WaveEditor for AndroidWaveEditor for Android is another easy audio editing app that hosts a broad range of features for multi-track mixing and editing. All the options inside the app work quite efficiently. WaveEditor is a very easy-to-use app.

Just select the audio file as per your need and play with multiple options of editing and create a perfect mix every time. If you are an aspiring music artist who wants to start up a career in the music industry must try this app.

Download WaveEditor App for Android

MixPad Multitrack Mixer Free

MixPad Multitrack Mixer Free helps you to split, trim, and copy tracks of your favorite music files. The app comes with easy navigation and a simple user interface that is also capable of mixing plenty of music, vocal and audio tracks. 

It has a good variety of royalty-free sound effects and music libraries: which support from 6 kHz to 96 kHz sample rates. Each and every option has its unique capability that offers a professional recording and mixing experience. It is also a great app for recording a podcast.

Download MixPad Multitrack Mixer Free App for Android

Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai Audio EditorHokusai Audio Editor is the best audio editing app for iPhone. The app has an elegant design and a clutter-free appearance. It takes very little time to create the music you want to provide the perfect music experience. 

The app gives complete freedom for multitrack audio editing, using it manually or by built-in presets. It is the most powerful audio editor app for iOS. The editor offers various editing tools, effects to record or import music files from your iOS device. 

Download Hokusai Audio Editor App for iOS


EZAudioCutCreated by Filter Recorder, AudioCuter, EZAudioCut is a fully feature-packed free audio and music editor for iOS to make your track more beautiful with hundreds of high precision edit tools, effects, and filters. 

Its unique noise reduction tool allows you to make your audio file more appealing. With dozens of audio enhancement tools, it’s your choice how you want to mix audio sound. Just start audio editing by choosing the file from your smartphone and the app recognizes your file format, converts your music file more appealing from the effects and editing tools.

Download EZAudioCut App for iOS

MP3 Cutter

MP3 CutterWith over 100 editing tools, the MP3 Cutter app has a tool for almost every occasion. Not only that, it also offers a clean and lag-free user interface. You can control the export quality and file size of your audio file created using this app. 

While the app offers an integrated MP3 player that will allow you to play before audio cutting, it also has a forward and backward selector for manual selection to cut. This app offers all the basic functionality of an audio editing app.

Download MP3 Cutter App for Android

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile StudioAudio Evolution Mobile Studio is a noteworthy paid app when it comes to professional audio editing in Android smartphones in 2022. It is available on the Android Play Store and easy to use. So, you don’t have to download the app from third-party sites. 

Moreover, you don’t have to clutter your device by downloading one more app. Here, you can also find some of the great virtual instruments, a virtual analog synthesizer, real-time effects that aren’t available on any other audio apps. 

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio App for Android

Caustic 3

Caustic 3Caustic 3 is a remarkable Android audio editor app that is packed with real-time effects. A cool function of this app is the ability to create your rack by adding up to 14 machines, which can be helpful if you are looking for a music creation tool for Android.

It is a great app that enables you to edit any audio right from your Android phone effectively and quickly.  The audio files do not lose any quality if you edit on this app.

Download Caustic 3 App for Android

Best Mp3 Editor

Best Mp3 EditorThe last app on our list is Best Mp3 Editor. As the name suggests, it is a free Android app that is great for making every MP3 edit. A handy app for every music lover and musician comes with more advanced features. 

Pick two songs and create a remix song from your Android phone within a minute. Amazing, isn’t it?.  The app mostly provides plenty of free options, you can also try premium features that are available on the in-app purchases.

Download Best Mp3 Editor App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best audio editing app?

If you were looking for some good multitrack audio editor apps for Android or iOS, now you have a list to choose from. While all the apps mentioned in this list are good, If you ask for my recommendation, I will recommend Music Maker JAM as it is one of the popular apps for multiple audio functions.

What makes a great audio editor app?

A perfect audio editor app for Android or iOS uses efficient compression algorithms, dozens of editing tools together to provide users with an amazing remix file or editing experience to create the mix of audio in the way music lovers imagined. 

How to edit audio using audio editor apps?

This is why I have compiled a list of the best audio and video editing apps to help you pick the great ones in one place. We have tested all the listed apps and they were flawlessly working as mentioned at the time of writing. You can edit video or audio files using this app by selecting them and playing with multiple options present on the app easily to create the music.

Did you find this list of best audio editing software for Android and iOS useful for you? Then do share this article. Which audio editing app are you using right now? If you think you would like to add some more worthy contenders to this list, feel free to mention the name in the comments section. We are open to your suggestions.

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