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11 Zip Pay Alternatives (Buy Now, Pay Later Apps & Sites)

The ability to pay in installments makes it possible for shoppers to get what they want and pay in installments over time. Consumers can use payment options at the checkout to set a budget while shopping. There are many buy now pay later sites and apps on the market today but the Zip Pay stands out from the competition. However, we reviewed various Zip Pay alternatives to bring you the most suitable ones. 

Zip Pay is a great option for paying later on your purchase at your convenience. The platform does not charge hidden fees or annual fees, however, there will be times when you do not pay on time.

In this article, we will take a look at some sites and apps similar to Zip Pay where you can get the best buy now pay later service with zero interest.Top Zip Pay Alternative Apps and Sites

About Zip Pay

Zip Pay payment is integrated with almost all popular sites, and it is possible to access the payment without having to wait days for approval. Apart from online stores and apps, Zip Pay also has thousands of partner offline stores featuring groceries, electronics, and fashion. 

Zip Pay and Zip Money are their options for accounts under $1000 and above $1000, respectively. If you choose Zip Money for transactions in excess of $1000, you will not be charged interest for three months. The quality of the Zip Pay service has been described as excellent by over 2 million users in Australia and New Zealand.

Here are a few Zip Pay alternatives that we will briefly consider;

11 Sites and Apps Like Zip Pay to Buy Now, Pay Later


QuadPayQuadpay is a great alternative to Zip Pay for a number of reasons. The purchase price is split into four equal payments. Each time you shop, Quadpay checks your credit report and you can shop without a hassle thanks to the fast approval. If you don’t pay on time, Quadpay can affect your credit score. 

Alongside the various online platforms, the company also offers interest-free EMI on offline stores. If you frequently shop online and offline, then Quadpay is the best option for you. Note that there are late fees of $5, $7, and $10, based on your state. The more you are late with a payment, the more late fees you could incur.

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LaybuyYou can use Laybuy in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, and it allows you to pay in installments for countless items both online and offline stores. You can now manage your budget and payments more easily. Get notified about upcoming payments, check your balance, or pay off your orders early.

Laybuy spreads payments over 6 months. The payments depend on how well you manage your finances. In the event that they don’t get paid, they charge you 10% of the total sum. For shoppers without a lot of money to spend right now but who like to shop, Laybuy is a good option.


sezzleSezzle lets you purchase anything with no interest and pay over four payments. Users appreciate Sezzle’s easy-to-use interface and quick approval process makes it easy to buy from more than 27,000 online stores. The Sezzle credit can be used on multiple platforms. 

Your credit score will not be impacted. There are several options to pay by monthly installments. By using EMI, you get four payments that are interest-free. Buyers will be able to purchase all the products they want from a variety of stores and websites by spreading the payment over several months.


Future PayIt is cheaper to buy online now and pay later than to pay at once. If you shop primarily online, FuturePay will benefit you, and it allows you to pay later. Taking advantage of this service is as easy as buying something and paying later.

This Zip pay competitor’s transactions are completely transparent and do not have any hidden fees or conditions. Until the purchase is completed, the remaining balance can be paid monthly between $25 and $100. The full amount can also be paid at one time.

There is a fee of $1.50 for every $50 that is carried over to the next month. The fee is nominal and there are no penalties for overdue payments. The payment schedule is very flexible. Therefore, FuturePay is worth trying out.


splititAnother alternative to Zip Pay is Splitit. When compared to other buy-now-pay-later schemes, Splitit allows customers to use their existing credit cards to make purchasing easier and more intuitive.

With Splitit, you can easily pay overtime on any purchase or booking. With this interest-free service, users can divide purchases into smaller payments to make it easier to pay. It offers a no-fee service with a greater limit than a credit card. 

The interest-free plans offered by Splitit are convenient and allow people to choose plans according to their budgets. Using Splitit, you can split the total into 24 installments over a fixed period of time.

In contrast to Zip Pay, Splitit makes use of a customer’s existing credit card to secure the total purchase amount, and customers pay in monthly installments.


klarnaKlarna provides services in the following countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, and more. Over 250,000 merchants in 17 countries accept payment through Klarna. 

2005 is the year when the company decided to start the buy now, pay later kind of service. The service now has 90 million users worldwide. Another benefit of this service is that there is no interest fee, and if you pay on time, it will not affect your credit score. What’s great about Klarna is that it offers an easy one-click purchase experience. 

Klarna’s app is available on Android and iOS, allowing customers to shop online. There are several popular platforms on which they can make use of Klarna pay later service.

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PartialyWith, retailers can offer their customers more flexible payment options by offering them automated payments over time. Upon becoming a merchant, the merchant has access to flexible payment options.

Most of the pay later payment services offered by other companies are consumer-focused, whereas focuses on businesses that have a real need for better cash flow by offering flexible payment options.

No hidden fees are charged by, and even when transaction fees apply, they are displayed upfront. Give customers the flexibility to pay at a rate that suits their budget through automated flexible payment methods.

Payment plans can be manually created or they can be fully automated. It is also possible for consumers to use a standard payment method or opt for a payment plan. 

The shop owner can easily manage fees, payments, and order-related charges. Also, this app gives consumers a wide selection of payment options, so they have a variety of choices, and they can choose what works best for them. In addition, will automatically generate custom payment plans according to the criteria which are pre-defined in each case.

Paypal Credit

paypal creditPayPal Credit is a popular service that allows you to pay later. As its name implies, the service is provided by PayPal. If you wish to pay for anything with monthly installments, be sure to check for Paypal Credit options at popular retailers, including Walmart, Home Depot, USPS, eBay, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy,, JetBlue Airways, Liquidation Channel, Jewelry Television, and Their support covers the majority of websites you can expect from a pay later site.

Paypal Credit was founded in 2000 and quickly gained a global presence. PayPal Credit offers consumers the ability to apply for a lump-sum credit line, and the service is used by millions of people. At present, Paypal Credit is available in a number of markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Japan.

PayPal is a lower-cost alternative to other pay later services. Neither the consumer nor the retailer will be charged interest/any additional fee/hidden charges, but if you are late on a payment, you will be charged a fee of up to $10. 


ViabillViabill customers pay for the products of their choice in four payments without interest, making it simple for them to buy now and pay later. 

In addition, Viabill charges no interest or hidden fees, and monthly installments are deducted automatically. This allows shoppers to avoid paying interest on their installment payments. 

ViaBill offers both sellers and customers a buy now, pay later option. Divided into monthly installments, payments are free of interest. ViaBill aims to offer consumers fully transparent, affordable, and understandable financing options.

ViaBill can be used to make payments on over 5,500 websites. To get approved at checkout, you’ll need to enter your name, email address, phone number, credit or debit card number. You will be approved immediately. Upon approval, you can make four equal monthly payments, the first being made at the time of purchase. Also, there is no interest or credit check to worry about.


ZebitThe company owns an eCommerce website and plans to target over 100 million potential customers in the US with low credit scores and are likely to fail a credit check. Zebit will give you a maximum credit of $2,500 that you can use to shop and purchase products.

Before offering credit, Zebit verifies an individual’s income and identity. However, your FICO score won’t be checked. It is free to join and there are no hidden fees or penalties. You’ll pay exactly what you see at checkout and nothing extra.

Upon registering with Zebit, you must provide proof of your identity, employment, and income, and you must be at least 18 years old to use this bill me later service. Payment is due according to how often you are paid, whether it be once every two weeks, once every week, or once every month.

Instead of opting for high-cost credit and pay later options that have high interest or hidden fees, Zebit makes more sense. Zebit is a marketplace for top brands including leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo, furniture, jewelry, eGift cards, appliances, tires, and more. 


OpenPayOpenpay is another site like Zip Pay that is a rapidly expanding and distinctive player in the ‘Buy now pay later’ payment service industry. Openpay is currently available at several online retailers. OpenPay offers financing for up to 12 months with a purchase limit of $10,000. Your information will be verified within a few days, either via the app, in-store or during checkout. 

OpenPay’s partners allow you to shop in-store or online immediately after your application is approved. Choose a payment plan that’s right for you; make your first payment today, and you can pay the remaining balance over the next few weeks.

With Openpay, you can pay over time for the items you want without any hidden fees. Making large purchases more manageable by paying for them via longer installments. You can use OpenPay across a variety of industries, including retail, health, automotive, and home improvement.

Final Words

You should be aware that buy now pay later services can be beneficial sometimes. You may be tempted to buy items that exceed your budget, but the buy now & pay later apps and websites make it easy for you to pay in small, monthly installments. Do your best to avoid becoming engulfed in a financial spiral, especially if you use pay later apps that can affect your credit score. 

Ultimately, you have to decide how badly you need the item if buying it using bill me later services. If you need the product right away, and you don’t mind paying in installments, these other sites and apps similar to Zip Pay can be handy for you. If you know any other apps like Zip Pay that are worth adding to this list don’t forget to comment the name.

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